How To Write A Good Blog Post
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How To Write A Good Blog Post

Hey, guys today I will be giving you 7 tips, for writing a perfect BLOG POST.

Ok… so, how do you feel when you know exactly what to write, but you can’t get started?

Now, you may have an idea…idea about a topic…but sometimes, you know what to write about, but you can’t exactly figure out what to write about, and that is really frustrating.

First of all…everyone had this experience, especially when they are just getting started.

Trust me, I know the feeling.

When I started my blog, I used to take 2-3 days to write a single good article for my blog.

The worst thing you want to see on your computer screen is that tiny little cursor blinking right at the beginning of your writing pad…and you are still trying to figure it out what you should be writing about.

So the question is, what you should do about it? 

What should you do to get started and won’t stop until you complete that blog post?

Framing a high-quality blog post literally takes a lot of time and patience.

So don’t worry, I got you 7 tips which will help you to frame a high-quality content for your blog.


1. Begin With The End In Your Mind

First, you need to understand is what is it you want to write about in your post or what is it you want your audience to take away from it at the end?

Maybe you have a solution for a problem or maybe you know how to make money without spending a dime…

Just have that end result in your mind. That will help you to form a better post.


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2. Write A Ton Of Catchy Headline For A Single Blog Post

The most common mistake people usually do is they write the whole article first and then they think about the headline.

And also sometimes they write a headline which doesn’t look very appealing or doesn’t bring that attention to your article.

So, tell me one thing…if you can’t frame a perfect headline then how can you expect to write an entire post?


3. Plan The Outline

After having a perfect blog title, plan one outline for your blog post.

Take all of your ideas and put it on a paper and that will help you to organize your content.

This will help you to figure out which point comes first and which one comes next.

Stories, facts, case studies whatever you have it in your mind to prove your points, just put it all out.

The last thing you want to think is wandering about what you should write first, instead of just writing it.


4. Start With A Hook Message

People usually make their decision if they want to read the entire article or not within their first 5-10 sec.

It doesn’t matter if you are a writer, influencer or even a celebrity…unless you hook your readers with a solid intro, they will not go on reading.

Start with a teaser sentence followed by a story.

I usually do that, I start with a teaser question or sentence related to my content, followed by a story.

These things usually create a suspense and make your readers bind to your content and make them read the whole thing.


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5. Make Your Post Readable

Now, what I mean by that?

What I actually mean by that is you shouldn’t write your content in a big pile of paragraphs.


Because it’s too hard to read.

Even if your content is great, sometimes people won’t read the entire post.

They don’t have patience or time to go through those huge pile of paragraphs.

They just prefer to go through all the main important points you have to say in your post and skip the rest.

That’s OK…you need to give them that too.

Have different sections in your post…like headers, subheaders, lists, graphics etc.

Instead of a clutter, give your readers something nice to look at.

A clean look gives a professional look to your content.

Your reader will love to see those varieties of sections and will keep them interested while reading.

With every new section, human mind creates a new interest and the more you do that, the easier it will be to read your content.

Plus it will also help you in better SEO.

So, have separate sections and make it readable.


6. Don’t Be Perfect

This is an important point.

You can have either creative mind or an editing mind at a time.

The last thing you want to do is mix them both.

When you do that, you restrict yourself from being creative.

Just stop doing that and put out everything in your mind on your computer first and then go back to the starting point and then edit it.

7. Be Yourself

I have seen hundreds of post out there where instead of talking to their readers, writers have focused only on writing a proper grammatical error free posts.

I mean, what’s the point.

People come to your blog to read about what you have to say.

So, write in a way how you would usually interact with your readers, instead of sounding like a college professor.

Go through my posts and check how I use terms like, “YOU” and “I”.

This is how I write and this is how you should write too.

This helps me to connects with you.

People will more likely connect with you if you write your post like you are speaking directly with them.


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Wrap Up

I hope these tips will help you in creating a perfect post for your blog.