Ways To Make Better Decisions Instantly Every Single Day
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Ways To Make Better Decisions Instantly Every Single Day

Ways To Make Better Decisions Instantly Every Single Day

Do you know, we make millions of decisions every single day?... Consciously and Unconsciously...

They say if you are in a doubt... flip a coin... not because a coin will decide an answer for you, but when the coin flips, your heart gives you the answer.

From the moment you open your eyes in the morning, till you close it at night.

I don't want to get into technicals... but let me guess what are the minimum decision a normal person have to take every single day.


1. Should I wake up now or should I snooze my alarm?
2. Should I eat this or that for breakfast?
3. Should I wear this or that for office
4. Should I take a cab, car, or public transportations for work?
5. Should I work till late or should I just get out of my office and go for some shopping?
6. Should I eat this or that for dinner?
7. Should I sleep or should I check my emails or watch a movie till 1 A.M.?

See... these are the minimum decisions we take every single day.

Guys, do you know how much time we waste actually while making these decisions every day?

A LOT...

Trust me guys... even though you think these decisions take seconds of your day but while adding up those seconds, it can easily go up to an hour.

There are only 24 hours in a day, and if you are spending 1 hour just to decide whether you should do this or that, you are just wasting time.

You have to make the most out of these 24 hours and being able to take decisions fast can help you in doing it.

Now, I am not saying that you are making wrong or poor or slow decisions and there are no such rules saying that you have to try these tips for making a quick decision, but I am saying that there are certainly some other ways to accelerate your decision-making skills.


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So, without any further due lets me tell you what and how to make better decisions in your daily life -


1. Start By Taking Small Daily Decisions Fast

Now, you are already making this, only the thing is you are doing it while thinking too much. This takes a lot of time of your day just to figure out if you want to do this or that.

Waking up, or taking a subway or bus or car for your office, what to eat, what to wear... all these decisions you have taken millions of time in your life. Don't you think by now, your brain and your muscles might have adopted all these habits by now.

Go with your guts while you are making a decision and let him do his thing.

Start with small decisions, like choosing your outfit or having a breakfast and then you can go for big. 


2. Practice Within Your Comfort Zone

Like I said... start small and then you can go for big.

Don't just go head-on and start making important decisions in your life or at your office where you have to deal with money and projects.

Start taking decisions within your comfort zone where you know that even if something goes wrong or you have taken a wrong decision you can still make it right.


3. Listen To Your Guts

Well, everyone knows about themselves well... it's just that you don't know it yet.

You make thousands of choices and decisions every single day, but sometimes you purposefully ignore that feeling which comes from within you, that decision or choice you made is right or wrong.

Which when later proves that that feeling was right and after that, you start regretting.

When you are in a situation, just clear your head and let your guts tell you what to do next. 

Start interacting with yourself (not like a crazy guy)... and start to feel that gut feeling about a decision you are about to take.

Once you are comfortable with it you will notice things more clearly and differently.


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4. Make Sure You Are Taking Decisions With A Calm Mind

It is extremely important to take your decision with a calm mind.

With a bad or aggressive mood, you would probably end up making the wrong choices.

And also never make choices while you are hungry or stressed because that will also make take the easiest way to get over the situation which may or may not be the right call.


Wrap Up

Practice these tips in your daily life to make a better decision every single day.

There might be some times where you may make a poor choice or you might think this decision could have been better, but that's OK... because that will make you improve your decision making skill and once you get a hold of it you can make decisions more easily and quickly.




Ways To Make Better Decisions Instantly Every Single Day