Top 4 Tips On How To Create A Content Marketing Strategy
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Top 4 Tips On How To Create A Content Marketing Strategy

What Content Marketing Strategy you should use for building your online business in 2018?


Content Marketing Strategy is extremely important for our business...

As google adwords, facebook ads and all those paid advertisements are getting harder and harder, day by day... it is extremely important for a business to have a full proof content marketing strategy to reach out to people.

It could be youtube or blog or social media... it could be anything... where you are posting content and not paying a single dollar for ads... and you are growing organically.

Now, let me tell you first of all... it will be different for everyone... what works for me... it might not work for you... what works for you might not work to some other guy... but I can tell you about, what I think will help you, with your content marketing strategy.


So here are those biggest strategies


Tip 1: Give Something Free And Make It Downloadable

Now, to tell you the truth... I haven't done it for my blog... yet, but it kinda works for everyone, free ebooks, pdf or software and extensions always work...

Ok... now why did I mention software over here... because nowadays free ebooks and pdf have become an old-school thing... but they still work fine these days... but with software or browser extension or WordPress plugins or any online web-based software... that work even better.

People always want to have this kinda software and if they like it, they will also be interested in seeing what else do you have it on your blog.


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Tip 2: Start Marketing On Untapped Channel

So... here is the problem when you are marketing on google or facebook... there will be a lot of competition over there and your paid ads might probably get a "GENERAL" label... which means even if you do have an amazing content, just because you are in a crowd, where bunch of people around you is doing the same thing, that will make people think that your ad is just like others.

Plus because of the competition, you need to place a higher bid... which means you won't be making much profit when you are buying ads.

So, where else can you look out to reach an audience?

You can look for places where there are sufficient people, but normally don't have a lot of competition.

Now... Instagram ads are on rage... where you can directly choose a person of your choice... who has a huge follower.

You then approach them to put your ad or mention you on their profile, in exchange for money or product or any other service... most of these people won't charge you as near as google or facebook would have charged you for the ads.

Now, this way you can pay less, while you get a huge result from it... this is the cheapest ads you can probably go for...

Now, you can also try some other sites... Reddit, forums, directories, Q & A sites like QuoraYahoo answer... these are some of the best sites you can try.


Tip 3: Cross Promotion

Search people or bloggers who can exchange links with you...

"I promote your stuff and in return you promote mine"

But, what if you don't have many followers... why would anyone promote your stuff and won't get anything or a fraction of return what he is sending towards you?

So, what you can do instead is... approach those people and tell them


What this will do is, if the company or the product is big enough or have a good reputation in the market and you are giving their products for free, then naturally people will get attracted and come to your site, plus if those guys give out a big shout out for you, that will add a value to you.

So, cross promotion is another way of doing it cheaply, where you have to do some heavy lifting, but in return, you will get a good result.


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Tip 4: Advance Your Content Marketing

Content Marketing, now a day does not restrict itself to blogs or writing... you can use Youtube videos and Podcasts for your content... also do some live video streaming which nowadays in on-trend and reaches out to more people with this.



Wrap Up

So, those were my Content Marketing Strategies... plan it and get some good results out of it.