How To Make A Better TO-DO List
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How To Make A Better TO-DO List

How To Make A Better TO-DO List

Between our work life and our personal life, making a goal and working for it becomes is the hardest thing to do in our lives.

So, what to do then?

It’s simple, create a TO-DO list.

Creating a simple, TO-DO list always helps us to organize our busy lives.

TO-DO list can be used for almost everything, even while cooking or building a small table by yourself.

Writing a list of goals helps us see things in a different perspective. It becomes much easier to complete the task faster.

But the real problem is, even when we know that TO-DO list is an important tool, many of us don’t even know how to create a successful one.


So, let me tell you how to make a successful TO-DO list and plan your goals


1. Start By Making A Master List

I always have a TO-DO list for the week.

I have a separate list where I write all those non-urgent tasks for which I need time to plan and execute it later. Once I complete the task, I cross it off from my list. If I have trouble solving a task, I mark it with a marker, so that I can do it later and move to the next task.

Once I complete the task, I cross it off from my list. But, if I have trouble while solving a particular task, I mark that with a marker, so that I can complete the task later that week and then I move to the next task.

Make two columns and keep the nonurgent task separate from urgent once and re-evaluate the tasks every single day whether or not you can do the urgent once the next day.

Keeping a master list for the week will help you in designing a proper goal without any burden.


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2. Have An Urgent List

As I said before, after making a Master TO-DO list, make an Urgent list, which is important.

Write all the tasks which require your attention like right now.

Doing your laundry, deciding what to make for my lunch and dinner, making a presentation, these kinds of tasks should be penned down under urgent section because they are kind of urgent.

I make this list just to make my daily life easier. Plus I also go through my master list just to figure out which task should move to the top my urgent list.


3. Divide The List Into 3 Different Parts

No matter if it is a master or the urgent list, always divide it into 3 parts – Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary.

I know you must be thinking, isn’t there an urgent list already.

Yes, there is, but even an urgent list needs to be properly sorted or else it can create panic.

I always keep 3 important tasks which need be done, first thing in the morning and keep those under my primary section.

5 tasks which I can complete it in the afternoon goes under the inside my secondary list and the rest goes under my tertiary section.

You can keep it in whatever amount you like, but for me, this ratio works just fine.


4. Break It Down And Be Specific

TO-DO list should be an actionable task where you have to understand what work needs to be done just by looking at the list.

I make another list which I call “Work List” where I write specific details of an individual task.

Being specific, like under the task “Cooking Dinner”, writing “Cooking turkey” with it’s the recipe makes it simple, time-consuming and much easier to understand.

Don’t you agree?

So, have a specific “Work List” for easier understanding.


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5. Put Up A Deadline

You can’t achieve anything unless you set yourself a deadline for a task.

I put up a deadline next to each of my task, which helps me to stop overspending time on a specific work alone.

Plus it will create a competitive mood inside you.


6. Sorting Unfinished Tasks

I can bet on that, that no matter what, you will still have some unfinished task left for later.

Well, there could be so much of variables why you couldn’t finish the work on time.

Might be you didn’t have time to finish it, might be you ran into some trouble while completing that task.

I feel the same way.

But does that stops me from completing that task?


If I fail to complete any task, I just sit back and try to break that task more into a manageable subtask and put it on the next day’s list.

I also try to figure it out if that task is important or if it still does hold any value.

If not, I don’t hesitate to strike it off from my TO-DO list.


7. Schedule A Time To Plan

This is really the trickiest question.

When should I make a TO-DO list?

Well, it varies from person to person.

For me, it’s usually the night before.

I like to write my entire TO-DO list beforehand so that I have plenty of “ME TIME” in the morning.


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I look it in the morning just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

You need to choose your time according to your compatibility when you can concentrate on making your TO-DO list and nothing else.


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8. Be Flexible

We always forget to take a break in between tasks.

We need to vent out all our stress and frustration from our work and life.

That’s why I always take a 15 min “Cushion Time” in between my tasks.

This helps me, come back with a fresh eye to complete a particular task.


Wrap Up

The concept of spending some to make a TO-DO list is, you can complete your everyday work easily without any problem.

You can tackle the problem if we know exactly what needs to be done beforehand, RIGHT?

TO-DO list fulfills this exacts problem and help you improve your productivity, efficiently.

You can also use tools like WUNDERLISTTODOISTGOOGLE KEEPHABITICAEVERNOTETRELLO to create an awesome TO-DO List.