How To Write An Email Pitch That Will Actually Get You A Reply
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How To Write A Email Pitch That Will Actually Get You A Reply

How To Write An Email Pitch That Will Actually Get You A Reply

OK, so you have a business, a blog, and 100k emails IDs in your server and now you want to send emails to those IDs hoping that some of them will show an interest and reply back to you with a business proposal.

One Day goes by... 2 days... 5 days... a week... and you never saw a reply from them.

Now, what do you think what happened?

Why not even a 0.5% of that 100k people never replied back to you?

I mean that's a lot of people.

The answer is simple... your email sucks.

Now, I am not saying that you wrote a nasty email, I am saying that the email you wrote didn't have that mojo to attract all those people.

So, what to do now?

Let me give you some tips for writing an email pitch that will actually give you a reply.


1. Write A Magnetic Subject

OK, let's be honest... how many of us will delete emails which have a subject like

"Inquiry about sales opportunity for your product"

Pretty much every single one of us... Right?

OK, lets try that again with the same email, but with a little bit different subject line

"[Marketing for XYZ Company] Use Us To Boost Up Your Sales Figure: 1 Month Free"

Which one do you think creates an urge to open up that email?

2nd one gives the recipient a feel that this email is a marketing email and it is sent only to that XYZ Company alone and the "1 Month Free" thing gives them something to consider before they even open that email.

A perfect subject line helps the recipient to figure out what that email is all about and what they can expect from that email... if you fail at that, then your emails will never get opened or worse could end up in the spam box or get blacklisted by the recipient.


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2. Never Ever... Ever Use "Hey, You Are Awesome"

I can't even count the emails which started like

"Hey, You are awesome... and I want to work with you"

And then when you go down... you notice that there is something they are asking... or should I say what they need from you.

Maybe it works for some people, it certainly doesn't work for everyone.

Why do research about that particular company and then waste time on praising and letting the company know about things that they did it?

It's a marketing email... you are pitching your service or product... get that straight.

Stop wasting time and come to the point.

You want to sell something which they need... so, just come to the point.

"Hey, I am from XYZ Company and did some research about your product. I saw your company doing your marketing on so and so platform. It's good but we can help you do better."

This sentence directly gives the impression that you mean strict business without any B.S.

So, just shoot an email where you give data about the company, what they are making it wrong or you can help in improving it, solution and then give them an approx. figure and a time frame for delivering their desired results.


3. Never Write A Huge Email Which Will Take An Hour To Read

You have a process of working... I get it... but don't just go on explaining in that email that you will do so and so and include all those crazy technical ooh-la-la's which the company might have not even heard off.

You need to understand that you are sending an email to a marketing guy asking if they are interested in taking your service.

Which means they will pay you for doing all those stuff which you are just explaining it to them.

Which also means they don't want to know all those crazy details... all they want is straight, simple results for which they are paying you.

Plus, no one in the world has time or patience to sit and read a 2-3 page email.


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4. Give Them An Exclusive Offer

There is nothing more satisfying than making someone feel special... Right?

You have a solution to a problem... give it to them with an exclusive offer specially designed just for them.

Maybe it's a 1-month free trial or a service exchange (you give me something and I will return the favor) kind of offers.

Trust me, it works like butter. Make an exclusive offer just for that company and send them what exactly they will get if they buy your service.


5. Don't Screw Up While Sending Follow-Up Emails 

You have sent an email today. that's fine... but don't just start writing another follow-up email within 24 hours.

You need to understand that there is a big chance that the company or the person you are writing to get 100's and 1000's of emails every single day. They can't possibly read all those emails within a day.

Give a gap of one week and then write a follow-up email.



Wrap Up

There are lots of different variables you should try to write a quality email.

Not every tactic work but not every tactic fail either. 

But these 5 tactics will work for most of your sales pitch.

So, try it and get more ROI.



How To Write An Email Pitch That Will Actually Get You A Reply