How To Start Your Career With Blogging In 5 Easy Steps
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How To Start Your Career With Blogging In 5 Easy Steps

How To Start Your Career With Blogging In 5 Easy Steps

What do you think about “Starting a Career with Blogging?”

To tell what you love to do or share some of your best fashion tips with the world.

Or maybe you want to give something to your readers that will help them to find their true goals.

But, most people think blogging is good as a hobby. You can’t really score anything out of it.

What do you think?

What if I say you, that you can build a passive source of income with just a blog.

Now, you are excited?

All right, before beginning let me clear something first. It will take time, effort and your patience if you want to a passive source of income with your blog.

It’s true that you can turn your blog into a full-time job. There are thousands of blogs which are getting started every day.

Companies and individuals, both of them know how much value they can get with just a blog nowadays.

Companies can promote their products, individuals can brand themselves and get hired as a freelancer or even a full-time blog writer for their companies, plus you can also make money renting out your ad space on your blog.

So, how can you get started it?

Over here I brought you these 5 simple steps about how you can start your own blog and can boost your chance of getting noticed to get hired for a blogging job which will actually pay you.


Step 1: Know Your NICHE

These days, general topics have become too general.

No one can write anything special on a general topic which will pull people to your blog.

People who like to hire professional bloggers expect a high level of knowledge about blogging on a specific niche topic.

Topics like “MARKETING” are too general, instead, choose a specific topic like “DIGITAL MARKETING” or even better “CONTENT MARKETING” or “SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING”.

This gives people an impression, that you are an expert in Content Marketing or Social Media Marketing.

So, find out, your area of expertise and then just get started.


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Step 2: Learn How To BLOG

I know, this sounds silly.

But trust me, this is the most important part, people choose to ignore it.

If you really want to be a professional blogger, you need to learn how to write professionally.

You may have the knowledge, but if you fail to explain it to the people, who is going to hire you?

Take your time and understand the tips and tricks, know how to write a proper content for your blog and then get started.

Do some proofreading, check out for any grammatical mistakes before you could post your contents on your blog. There are some online tools like GrammarlyHemingway App which can really help you in writing a proper, well-formatted article for your blog.

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Step 3: Get Noticed On SOCIAL MEDIA

You might have an awesome content on your blog, but what’s the point if no one is reading them.

Once your blog is set and ready, invest your time and effort in making your presence on Social Media.

Start interacting with your readers over there, posts your contents, do some live interviews, share your thoughts over there. 

Remember, people will only come to you if you make them feel that, they are a part of your community and everything that you are doing will help your audience in their lives.

If you are too busy to come online or to make a presence on social media, use tools like Buffer to schedule your posts much ahead.


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Step 4: Start Guest Blogging

Contributing some contents to other blogs and publications gives you an extra credibility.

This will not only improve your writing skills but will also help in reaching out more people than you could have with your blog.

So start researching which high ranked blog in your niche accepts guest blogging and then start writing content for them.


Step 5: Start Applying For JOB

Now, after all these hard works, it’s time to search for blogging jobs.

No doubt people will find you, but it will be more effective if you search them on online forums and job portal sites.

Check sites like,,


You can choose if you want to be a full-time blogger or a part-time blogger for that company.

After all, it’s your decision and your choice. But before that, make sure your clients are OK with you for working with multiple clients at a time.


Wrap Up

Finally, make sure your blog is in order and you update it regularly. Being consistent is the key to getting success in this blog world.