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How To Organize Your Workspace For Maximum Productivity


An Organized work space is a key to generate awesome ideas...

I am guessing, you all know that... Right?

But the real question is... how many of us do that?

You might be looking at your desk by now and wondering...

"Hey, my desk is looking clean... what are you talking about?"

I am talking about all those dirt on your desk, messy wires, waste papers and pens lying on your desk for days, coffee stains, dirty keyboards and mouse, cluttered or unattractive desk decors...

There are lot of people who pulls more productive ideas when they live in a cluttered area, but the thing is, they organize their cluttered desk.

You need to understand in which environment you are working and what all things you frequently need for your work.

Now, there is no rule saying that you need to keep your pile of papers at one place and your laptop on the other side, but keep it clean and in a way that your frequently used items are easily accessible and rest is hidden.


Now, here is how you can do it


1. Clear The Desk

If you have no space to move your elbow, how do you think you can work properly?

All those old papers, opened packages, diary or journal from last years all these got to go.

Get rid of all those old stuffs which you don't need it.

If it is out of your site then it will be out of your mind too.

Search a good storage place to keep all those unwanted items there.


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2. Light Your Workspace

Now this is a controversial topic.

Lot of people say, they work best when there is low light around it, and some say they work best when they are in a bright environment.

You might be good with a low light area, but to stay focused and relaxed, you need lights.

Bad lighting can hurt your eyes and can raise your stress level (like you don't have enough stress already in your life with all those project deadlines and all) after a while.

So, if you don't want that, make sure you have enough lighting around your work space.


3. Keep Your Frequently Used Items Within Your Sight

Make two separate section on your desk.

Find out what items you need everyday and what you don't need it.

What are the items you haven't even touched since last week or last month take them and relocate them.

Keep them in the far left or right side of your desk so that it won't get mixed up with your daily items.


4. Have A To-Do List

Now that you have a good, clean looking desk.... time for some work.

Take out your to-do list out off your bag and place it on your desk.

After a good clean up, you should be able to focus now better.

Write down all your daily task in such an order that, you can be able to see it on your desk and follow it.


5. Get A Comfy Chair

You spend most of your day in your workspace, so it's extremely important you buy a comfortable chair for yourself.

Set your height according to your desk and make sure your elbows and wrist are comfortable.

Go to a shop and try different chairs for yourself and select wisely.


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6. Put Yourself In A "DO NOT DISTURB" Mode

Last thing you want is you clean all of your work area and you hear your phone buzzing every hour or cars honking in the streets or people around you chatting about some movie they watched it last night.

This can literally make anyone call it a day and wrap up all your work.

I completely understand that you can't stop all those noises around you.

To get that pin drop silence or some peace, probably you have to shift yourself to a jungle.

So, what's the solution?

It's pretty easy actually... get some noise cancellation ear-buds and use them or if you are uncomfortable with total silence get some soft instrumental musics and listen them with a noise cancellation earphones.



If you really want to increase your productivity level, then setting up your work area is a must.

Take these points and use them to organize your workspace.

This will help you in getting more work done plus it will increase your productivity level too.



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