How To Live A Positive And Exciting Life In A Easy Ways
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How To Live A Positive And Exciting Life In A Easy Ways

How To Live A Positive And Exciting Life In A Easy Ways


I always try to see the positive side of everything in my life, but sometimes it becomes way harder than I expect.

Everyone’s life is complicated and there are hundreds of challenges to face too. This can easily make a person lean towards his negative side.

Every day we read articles about how we can change our lives or how to watch our attitude towards other people and make it good.

But how many of us really succeed? 

Maybe we do... initially, but after some time we lose our focus and give up on being nice.

Now, Why is that?

Let me give you a thought.

Imagine your favorite food kept right in front of you and I ask you to eat that same food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for an entire month.

How long do you think will it be still your favorite food?

People, doing the same thing again and again and again, every single daily... just end up by losing that interest in that task or work, even if you are super passionate about it.

So, how can you stay positive and yet be excited about the work you love to do?


Well, here we go


1. Just Try Something New

I get it, you want to live a positive life, be a better person and want to help others.

But what if I tell you that you can do all those things just by digging up all those wishes you once dreamt about in your childhood days or in your college life at least.


It doesn't matter if it is a small wish or a big one... it really doesn't matter at all.

It could be as small as in building a sand castle on a beach or it could be as big as in you want to take a vacation and go to Paris, see "Eiffel Tower"... it could be anything.

personally always try to do things which I thought, I would do once I grew up.

I try to go out for vacations, do some photography, spend my evening on a beach... Ya... I live near a beach... so I can do that... but that's not the point... the point is I can do almost everything which makes me happy and gives me a sense of freedom.

It also may not necessarily be yours, you can also steal your childhood friend's dream to fulfill it...

The point is, we all have some wishes to fulfill in our lives. Try to remember what you wished for in your childhood and start doing it.

This will help you in clearing your mind and will help you in packing some good and positive vibe inside you.


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2. Start Noticing The World Around You

Have you ever went to a park and sat on those green grass and felt it just by touching it with your palm or your naked foot?


Did you spend your evening on a sea beach sitting on the coast, feeling the wind on your face?

Sounds peaceful and calm... right?

We just spend our entire day in front of a computer working like robots from morning till evening... our life literally became so restless, frustrated and exhausted. We feel like we are sitting on a pressure cooker and it can blow at any point.

Give yourself a little bit of space once in a day or at least twice in a week. If you don’t have a hill or sea beach don’t worry, just take a moment and look out of the window or your balcony and enjoy the view.

Notice your surroundings, feel it and try to appreciate it. No matter if it’s a tiny thing or a big one, just observe it and feel it and you will know what a real peace feels like.


3. Keep Learning And Start Creating

I always say this thing... Learning never comes with an expiry date. It is that thing which only stops when you stop breathing. Your brain always learns something even if you don’t realize that.

Learning exposes us to generate new ideas which ultimately lead us to create something new.

Pull out that curious and creative person inside you and start creating something that you learned from your past.

This will not only help you learn about that thing but will also help you in creating something new and better.

It doesn’t have to be a good or perfect thing, just start doing it.


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Wrap Up

Stop over thinking about how you can be a positive person in your life and start enjoying your life. Trust me, positivity comes when you have an open and free mind.