How To Get Organized And Stay Organized
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How To Get Organized And Stay Organized

How To Get Organized And Stay Organized

Have you ever left your car keys somewhere and forgot? Or you wanted to check an important document, but you don’t remember where you kept it?

Well, maybe it’s simply because you are lacking an Organized Lifestyle.

Organizing is an important aspect of life, though it needs a bit of effort to achieve and to maintain it, it’s totally worth it.

It gives a lot of benefits, like mental peace, saving time and also saves you some money.

It also helps you in building confidence which you will need when you want to lead and to connect with people by inviting them to your home.

So, today I bought some simple and easy tips for you which will help you to organize yourself and maintain it for rest of your life.


1. Make A List Notebook

We always try to do each and everything right away, which leads to chaos.

Our brain is designed to do only one thing at a time, which means, no multitasking.

Maintaining a List notebook helps in sorting out all the works you need to do now. Use the notebook to take notes throughout the day.

Use the notebook to take notes throughout the day.

If you need to attend a meeting, write it down… if you need to do your laundry, write it… if you need to wash your car, that too.

Keep all your thoughts, plans and idea in one place and clear your mind so that you don’t have to waste your energy, remembering things which need to be done.

Instead, spend that energy to concentrate on doing something creative and productive.


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2. Practice Putting Everything In Their Original Place

Do you know who the most organized people in this world are?


Professional Chefs are known for organizing their ingredient before they start cooking a dish.

They also have separate sections for everything.

Basically, they divide the kitchen into separate parts to keep the utensils, clothing materials, cookware, servers cleaning materials etc separately.

Similarly, maintain your entire house just like that.

Allocate spaces for similar kinds of things to one place, so that you can easily find it out later.

If you think, it’s a lot of time to waste on, then think it like this,

“Invest Time Once To Organize Your Home” vs “Wasting Time On A Daily Basis, Searching For Things You Need It Urgently”


3. Recycle Or Donate

If you give it a close look, you will find out, half of the household items you have was never used or haven’t been seen in years.

Give away all those unnecessary and unimportant things, or if you could recycle it to something good, just do it.

Tossing out those unwanted and unimportant things will give you some extra space to organize your space properly and in a much cleaner way.


4. Label Your Organized Space

Make a habit of keeping similar items in one place and labeling it.

For example, if you have kept all your office-related things in one place, label it as office products.

Then make another sub-labeled space like office documents, electronics etc and keep all those products in there.

This will save you a lot of time when you are in a hurry and you need that document urgently.


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5. Create Daily And Weekly Schedule

Create a daily and a weekly to-do list, to organize your home.

It could be exhausting to spend an entire day trying to clean your house from top to bottom.

Make a cleaning routine chart, in which you decide for yourself, how much times in a week you need to clean your own house and in what quantity.

It will help you in distributing the task evenly throughout the week.



Wrap Up

You might have everything you need to organize yourself.

You just need to see it and get started.

It is a skill you need to adapt for rest of your life to stays clean, healthy and motivated.