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(How To) Create A Realistic And Successful Blog Budget?

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So you want to create a Blog, huh?

So, what is stopping you?

Oh…I know…it’s the BUDGET!

Maybe it's the time budget or financial budget, it's scary to sort out all expenses for your blog and get started.

Nowadays many people just want to quit their old boring 9-5 day job and start their own blogging business.

In fact, some people even start their blogs, but without any plan.

But, normally those kinds of blogs shut down before they can even get started.

People think that starting a blog will cost you a little or nothing at all when you are just getting starting, but this isn’t true.

And still, if you want to believe that and start your blog without a proper plan, then you will be simply blowing your budget in no time.

Bloggers think that all they need to invest in a domain name and a hosting plan.

But what they don't know is the fact that, you are just getting starting.

You have to invest plenty more and that too in plenty of different areas, so that you can at least see some real money out of it.

When you think about paying money for ads, renting software monthly, services for smooth writing your contents and even paying your guest writers, your expenses could hit the roof.

So, what now?

Should you consider quitting the blogging idea, just because you don’t have hundreds and thousands of dollars to invest? 

No way.

A lot of times when we don’t plan our blog’s budget, we end up by putting tons of money in the places which we don’t really need to.

Fortunately, a well-prepared blog budget can help you in keeping your expenses in check, plus it will give you an overall idea about where you should put your money and where you shouldn’t.

But before that let’s figure it out, why we actually need a Blog Budget plan.

  • With a proper budget plan, you can figure it out how much money you really need in order to get started with your blog and how much can you expect an ROI.
  • Planning ahead will help you figure it out if you are ready to spend that much amount of money on it or not.
  • It will help you in restricting yourself from overspending.


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Ok...So, now that you know why you need a blog budget, how can you build a blog budget to begin with and which will work for you?


So, here are some of my points:


1. What Equipment You Already Own It

For starting a blog, you need equipment...right?

For starters, laptop, a good internet connection, smartphones, camera.

Those are some basic things which you will be needing to get started with your blog.

Well, there is a chance that you might be already owning these. RIGHT??

I know, these things sound silly but trust me you have to consider everything if want to keep a track on your complete expense.

Figure out what equipment you already have it with you and what things you will have to buy.

What are their prices and will you be OK with that price?

Also, figure out if there are any other cheap alternates you could use just to get started if you can’t effort the price.


2. Amount You Need To Spend On Domain and Hosting Plans

Buying a domain name and a hosting space are your initial investments you need for starting up a blog.

Yes, of course, you can start with a free domain, but trust me they are not worth it if you want to make some real money.

Go to a different web hosting sites and compare their pricing.

Sites like Siteground, BluehostGodaddy, and Hostgator are some of the best service providers I know of.

Go over there and compare their plans and choose to pick the best plan which fits into your budget and works for your blog.


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3. What Blogging Platform, Theme, And Plugins Do You Need

Now that you purchased your domain and hosting plan, the next step is to figure out which blogging platform you need to install and what themes and plugins would work best for your blog.

I would suggest you go with WordPress, but you can choose whatever blogging platform you want.

ThemeforestThememonsterElegant themes are some good places you can download your themes from.

And for plugins, there are thousands of plugins out there for free, but they also provide some premium version too.

Figure out if you can go for free or you have to use the premium version of it.


4. How Much Money You Need To Spend For Marketing

If you are planning to just boost your blog from the beginning, investing money in advertising will be a wise thing.

Promoting your blog on google, facebook or on Twitter will give you a jump start.

There is another field which you need to focus on too, which is E-Mail Marketing. There are plenty of service providers like, MailChimpAweberConvertKit who can offer you a good email marketing service for your blog.

Plan how much can you spend on these platforms and keep a certain amount of money dedicated to marketing.


5. Will You Be Hiring People For Your Blog?

Blogs need a tremendous amount of work. And doing it all alone is very very tough.

In the beginning, it’s ok, but after you start making profits and you get a particular amount of page view per day on your blog, you will obviously need a pair of extra hands who can help you manage your blog.

People who can manage your social media pages, the technical part of your blog, writing contents for you or even person who could just help you with your video shoot. You will need them at some point.

Spend some time to check what people are charging for these services and when you do need them, maybe after one or two years from now, what could they charge you.

Even if your blog doesn’t need them, still have it figured out. I mean, you never know at what time you might need them, so be prepared while you can.


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6. What You Need To Spend On Educating Yourself

Now, don’t put your ego on the line.

Everybody needs to learn. And there are hundreds and thousands of courses and mentors out there who provides you knowledge about how to get success while blogging.

Blogging is not an easy job as most of us think it is. Blogging needs a well-guided path for hitting that success point.

Figure it out, who are the best influencers or mentors out there for your niche and check their website if they are providing any courses or are they providing one-on-one session which you could use to educate yourself.

Buy and read their books, e-books, attend their webinars, join their workshops and get the most value out of it.

Plan it how much you need to spend on it and start going.


Wrap Up

So, here it is. All that what you need for getting started with your blog.

Did you ever think there are these factors which you need to focus on before you can start a blog?

Starting a blog with just one domain name and a hosting plan is not enough.

In fact, they are just the tip of an iceberg.

There are hundreds of different other things you have to invest in order to see any profit coming out from your blog.

So plan it accordingly and stop overspending or wasting your money on things which you really don’t need to spend on for what you need for your blog.