[How To] Choose A Good Niche Topic For Your Blog?
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[How To] Choose A Good Niche Topic For Your Blog?

So, what is a Niche Topic and why is it so important?

I get this question from many newbie bloggers or guys who want to start a blog every time.

Well, a niche is nothing but a fancy word for a specific topic in which you can blog.

Yes… getting started with a blog is exciting, but selecting a right topic and/or a profitable topic for your blog is a whole different story.

Many newbies do this mistake. They think that they can cover a general topic and write about everything and then they end up with writing nothing.


Because their blog doesn’t give people that trust factor, that they are expert in their field and they know what they are saying.

This results in low or no traffic.

Pretty frustrating huh…?

You work so hard, spend so much time, writing an article and then all you get is a low traffic to your blog.

I know this because I made the same mistake when I first started blogging.


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There are plenty of reasons why blogs with a general niche topic don’t work out well.

For example, you blog about politics, lifestyle, technology, and finance.

Now think of people who are interested in lifestyle comes to your blog to watch about home décor.

And now instead of home décor article all they get is, these articles suggestion popping up on your blog suggesting to click on articles which are politics, technology, and finance topic.

What do you think they will do at that time?

Of course, they will just get irritated and close the page before they could even finish reading one article. So, what should you do instead?

So, what should you do instead?

Let me just help you to figure out, how you can choose a specific niche which will not only give you profit, but you will also love to write about.


1. Choose A Topic You Are Expert In And You Can Write Passionately

This should be at the top of your priority list and this is the most important point you need to consider before starting a blog.

You might think that just because you know how to write an article, you can write anything…you are completely wrong.

People don’t want to see how you write, they want to see what you write. And writing about everything just shows that you are not an expert on any topic (no offense to anyone, but it’s true).

While deciding a topic you want to write about, do not pick a general topic.

For example, if you have knowledge of social media marketing and interested in marketing, don’t just go on and write everything about online and offline marketing.

Be specific and let people know that you are an expert in social media marketing. So just stick to it and write everything about Social Media.

Figure out what specific topic you are expert in and then start writing about it.

This will show your audience that you have a great knowledge about that specific topic and you know what you are saying.

Plus, you will never get bored while writing about it.


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2. Do You Have The Audience For Your Topic?

Next step is to figure out if your selected niche has an audience.

Do a complete in-depth research before you decide to jump into that topic.

No matter how well you might have written, if no one shows up to read your blog post, you are not going to make any money.

Let’s just admit it, we all blog for money too.

So, it’s worth it in investing some amount of time beforehand.

Study the market and figure out what kind of audience you can expect and how many audiences are there for your blog.

But don’t select a topic which is a hot trending topic now. It might be a trending now, but it can go down later.

Plus you will find a hard time to score with it due to a heavy competition.

Do keyword research around your niche on Google Trends and Google Keyword Planner. Find out if your topic is rising or going down over the time and how many times do people search about that topic every month.

After all this, then you can decide if you still want to go with your selected topic or you need to select a new one.


3. Find Out, How Many Competition Do You Have?

Of course, if you are planning on writing about a specific topic, there will be hundreds and thousands of competitor around you.

You will have to compete with them too.

Usually, bloggers forget about this point because they are too busy figuring out what topic they want to start with.

Trust me guys, researching about your competitors is as much important as researching a topic for your niche.

There are plenty of tools out there which can help you with this.

BuzzsumoSEMRushMoz.comEpictions.com are some web tools which you can use it to find out about who your competitors are in your niche and what they are doing to bring an audience to their site.


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4. Is Your Niche Profitable?

Let’s just admit it, most of us are not over here just because we love writing or we have a passion for writing.

Lots of us are over here to generate some sort of income in order to pay our bills.

Some of us also consider blogging a full-time job and make a living out of it.

So, that brings us to this questions.

“Is my niche profitable?”

“If it is, then how difficult is it to make any profit out of it?

So, how you can figure this out?

It’s very simple, do some research about what kind of resource you have in your niche and can you use them properly?

Secondly, figure out what kind of affiliate programs, ads and sponsors you can get for your niche. Check your competitor’s page and figure it out what kind of ads and affiliate campaign they are going with.

Lastly, check out are there any people who really made any profit from your niche?

You can search on google, who made money and who couldn’t.

And make sure you are searching for bloggers, not for those big companies who spend thousands of dollars on their promotion. Some blogger like Pat Flynn and Matthew Woodward even share their Monthly Income Report on their blogs. Go to their blogs and check out the reports.

So, go to your competitor’s blogs and check out their income reports.


5. Does Your Niche Have A Long-Term Potential?

Last, but not the least. Check out if your selected niche has a long-term life.

For example, writing about election results might sound like a great deal, but what happens after it’s finished?

Choose a topic which is evergreen or timeless. Again, use Google Trends to figure out which topic’s chart raised within one year and which one fell down.

Make sure your niche will still hold it’s value even after six months, one year, two years or even after five years from now.

Remember, interest always changes. Make sure you select a niche that has the potential to hold your audience on your blog and also make them come back regularly in future.


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Wrap Up

Choosing a right niche for your blog is very important.

Make sure you don’t just go and pick a random topic which you think it can make you rich overnight.

Remember, you will be spending your precious time, energy and money in it.

So be sure you can make a good amount of profit out of it.

Building a successful blog takes time and you need to be patient.

Success will definitely come to you.