How To Choose a Name For Your Youtube Channel
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How To Choose a Name For Your Youtube Channel?

Why do you need to select a youtube channel name… carefully?

This is something… people will be…like… why should I even care to select a youtube channel?… it’s just a silly channel name… right?

When they are starting off with youtube… They are like…fully pumped up… do the research work on which niche they want to go with… plan everything… and they also shoot a couple of videos… and when the time comes to actually start their youtube channel to post those videos…


Then you do some research for a week and come up with these fancy names “john1234doe9876”

Seriously guys??

1st after spending a week… researching for a channel’s name… probably your energy level has already come down.

And 2nd… with that desperation to get started with youtube… you end up choosing a crappy name.

Believe it or not, a lot of people come to this point and quit the idea of getting started on youtube


All because of that little… silly name… RIGHT?

Now you see where I am getting at.

Now let me give you my 4 tips on how to choose a perfect name for your youtube channel


Tip 1 – Make It Short And Simple

Avoid using numbers or any kind of special character.

Don’t use names like john1234doe9876.

Think for a sec…you saw a video last week… you liked it… now you went to the channel and you liked that too… but you forgot to subscribe it.

Now after a week, you want to see that again video or channel again… but the thing… you can’t remember that channel’s name… because it was huge and it was full of confusing numbers.

Keep it as short as possible… might be under 10 Letters… or even better… under 8 Letters.

Make it clear and short.

Don’t use numbers… it’s hard to remember


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Tip 2 – Use Your Name For Your Channel

The easiest way to do that… is to keep your own name… if you are going to build a personal brand.

People like Marie ForleoLewis HowesGary VaynerchukSunny LenarduzziNeil PatelAmy Landino… and me “Arun K Maharana“… of course… these guys have one thing in common… they all have their first and their last name as their Youtube channel’s name.

The benefit of that is… as you grow your channel… you will also be building a value around your name instead of some other brand name which in future you might want to change if you want to switch your niche… which then again you have to build the entire branding process from scratch.

So, it’s best to select your own name for your youtube channel.


Tip 3 – Choose A Brand Name Which Explains Your Topic

If You Don’t Want To Use Your Name, Come Up With A Name Which explains your topic

Is your chosen name relevant to your topic?

The best example, Video Influencers, hosted by Sean Canell And Benji is a popular channel on youtube, where they give tips and tricks on how to build your online influencer with youtube videos…

Look how a successful youtube or your favorite brands who have more than 100k subscribers and who are in your niche have named their channel and follow that rule.

Suppose if your youtube channel’s name is “GAMER JOHN DOE”… whats the first thing comes to your mind… EXACTLY… it’s a gaming channel…

So… if I like watching game videos… then I would most likely click your link because of your name… your name was relevant to what you are doing on your channel.

But if your channel’s name is “GAMER JOHN DOE” where you posted about your daily activities which include Games… plus… you also post videos about your cooking experience… hiking… DIY’s related videos… what happens then.

People who are expecting all games related videos… ends up seeing 1 gaming video along with 10 cooking… hiking and DIY kinda videos… will think that…” man I was expecting some gaming video not his/her daily routine… I am skipping the channel and definitely I not going to subscribe to his channel.”

So… now you see… why choosing a relevant name is important?


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Tip 4 – Get URL For Your Name

Even if you don’t want it… still book your name.

Benefit of it… is you restrict others from gaining popularity for your hard work

So, you build a brand out of your name and if someone else books a URL under the same name as your youtube channel’s name… it’s pretty much Christmas for him.

Think for a sec… you worked hard… made thousands of loyal followers… but when those followers go to google and search your name… they end up on someone else website… what will happen then?

1st thing… people will start losing trust in you… 2nd… he got free publicity.

You can choose .net or .biz or .org or anything like that… but I personally prefer to go with .com.

Even before that, you make sure that, that URL name is available on all social media platforms.

It’s not mandatory to have the same name on every social media platform but it will be good if people can find you with a single name.

Make sure to secure your name on .com and on every possible social media platform.

Use Sites like KNOWEMNAMECHK and check if your chosen name is available on all platforms.


Wrap up

I hope these tips will help you in creating a better name for your youtube channel.

Start your youtube channel and be successful.