How to Channel Your Anger Into Power

How to Channel Your Anger Into Power

How to Channel Your Anger Into Power

Wow…So you are Angry always huh?

Well, let me tell you one thing. Anger is an emotion which is as important as happiness. That’s true my friends.

Most people think that Anger is a bad thing which should be avoided at any cost. I agree Anger is a bad thing, but sometimes a bad can also do a lot of good things too.

Anger is good when you know how to use it to get the best out of you.

Now you must be thinking, how in the earth am I going to do that? RIGHT?

The answer is simple…just CHANNEL it.

Understanding your anger and controlling it to show it at right time is very important. If you are constantly angry on some small and silly things won’t help, neither repressing it. Instead, channel it into a higher pursuit.

I know some people with anger issues gets into trouble a lot of times. Back in the days, even I used to be an angry kid and for that, I used to get into trouble almost every single day. I couldn’t able to control my anger and do all sort of silly things.

Well, that’s because I was a kid and eventually I realized that life is all about being free. Free to make our own choices, free to make decisions and free to change those choices and decisions at any point and that’s the beauty of life.

You must have heard from a lot of people saying to you, “Don’t get Angry”, “Angry is a bad thing”, “Anger destroys you”, but I am not over here to tell you these things.

Over here, right now you have a decision to make. You either choose to completely repress your anger or you can channel it into power and make bring out some positive out of it and be a winner.



1. Use Anger To Motivate Yourself

Almost every people in this world want to change their lives, but because of emotion like fear, they choose not to. Anger is a strong emotion which can overpower any other emotion present inside a human body. So, channel your anger to make changes in your life. After you get that boost you need to start off, replace the anger emotion with a passion which will help you go on.


2. Do Something Creative Art

Art is a something which doesn’t judge people. Art accepts every emotion present in your body and anger is an emotion which you can use it to create a masterpiece. Turn that anger into an expression. This will help you to create something of a higher form rather than a lower form. No matter if it is a painting or sculpting or even writing, just put that anger to create a good looking and a beautiful masterpiece.


3. Get Fit

You must have heard when you are angry hit to the gym. Anger will help and motivate you to exercise. It creates adrenaline which is good for the workout. And it’s not necessary that you must go to a gym in order to workout. You can do it at your home or just go out for a run, jogging or even for a walk. Or you can even choose to clean up your house or do your own gardening or even wash your car. But again try to replace your anger with other emotion gradually while carrying out your workout.


4. Prove Someone That You Can Do It

There are 100’s of people who doubt your ability and constantly reminds you, that you don’t have that skill set or mindset to complete the work. This can make a person go crazy angry. Instead of getting angry at that person, do the opposite. Use that anger towards building up the energy and work towards proving them wrong.

Angry is not our enemy. The decision which we make when we are angry makes us a good or a bad person. You can get angry and dwell on it, or you can just use it to fuel you to do something good and special.


Wrap Up

So, just start channeling your anger right away to achieve your special and powerful goals in your life.



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