[HOW-TO] Build Your Personal Brand In 4 Easy Steps
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[HOW-TO] Build Your Personal Brand In 4 Easy Steps

[HOW-TO] Build Your Personal Brand In 4 Easy Steps

Now a day’s building personal brand is on rage.

It has become important, as people trust people and not some companies who show up their big banner ads everywhere.

Companies ads are just about selling their products, while personal branding is all about building that trust factor between you and your audience.

Nowadays it has become the most important strategy if you are planning to survive in the Entrepreneur’s Race

People trust people… right, and not some random company who shows their big banner ads boasting about themselves everywhere. 

Actually, the truth is Companies who are interested in just selling their products without building a relationship first always make a less profit and sale, but companies who show a person’s face and focus on building their personal brand makes a good profit.

Branding yourself is the best way to you establishing a reputation and make other people trust you.

And to do that, All you need to do is be online.

Yes, being online and talking to them as a person, giving solutions which you think can help your audience without expecting anything in return will make your customers attracted towards you.

And then if you can pitch your product, it will score a good sale. 

The best way to grow your influence and brand yourself is just to stay competitive.

Wondering how can you do that?


Well, let me show you how you can increase your personal brand.


Step 1: Know Your NICHE Of Expertise

Before jumping into the business, you should know your niche and figure out, in which area you are an expert?

The market is too big with millions of entrepreneurs around it. Which also it’s tough to score high.

Choose your niche wisely and avoid choosing some general niche, like “MARKETING”.

They are too general niche.

If you really want to score high, then find a specific niche like “ONLINE MARKETING” or even better “CONTENT MARKETING” or “SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING”.

Finding and learning about a niche focused on a specific topic will make you an expert in it and will also give your audience an impression that you know what you are talking about.


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Step 2: Build Your AUTHORITY

Now, don’t get scared seeing the word “Authority”.

What I actually meant was, once you figure out which niche you want to pursue, it’s time to start building your Brand.

Now the easy and the best way to do so is with Blogging.

This is the best way to show people how knowledgeable you are.

Starting and Maintaining a Blog will help your audience to know you better and they will rely on you easily.

Write at least one to two posts on your blog every week and don’t forget to guest blog on others good reputed blogs too.




Step 3: Nail It With SOCIAL MEDIA

If your Blog is king then SOCIAL MEDIA is the queen.

You can write thousands of blog post, but if no one is looking or reading them, then what’s the point?

Let me tell you one thing, no one is going to find blog magically and read your content.

Rely on Google? No way…

No way…

Google will take a lot of time to find your blog.

So, what can you do to take your blog to the people?

It’s simple, get started with Social Media.

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest all are some great platforms to promote your content and get some attraction.

It not only helps you reach out to your audience but it also helps in developing your personal brand.

You can interact with people, build a relationship with social media which help people to understand you, that you genuinely do care what your audience has to say it to you.

Be active on social media every day and do like, comment and share others content too. It will help you get more followers on your social media page.


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Step 4: Start NETWORKING

NETWORKING…This is the most important task you need to do in order to build a strong personal branding.

We live in a digital age where we can reach the world with just one click.

All we have to do is get logged in with any social media platform and get connected with people in your niche.

Engage with other individuals and social influencers who have already established their name. Ask them how you both can be helpful for each other, figure out a way to work with each other.

This will not only help you to meet new people but will also add a value while building your brand.

Remember, a word, a tweet or even a like from an Influencer will help you reach more people. This will also trust you as it will come from a well-known Influencer.


Wrap Up

Building your Personal Brand is very important for an increasing your business, but it also needs time and patience.

To succeed all you have to do is follow the above steps and be consistent, be yourself and talk to your audience as a person.