Behaviors, You Need To Stand Out And Gain Recognition At Work
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How To Be More Productive At Work Every Day?

Behaviors, You Need To Stand Out And Gain Recognition At Work

We all think, working 9-5, 5-6 days straight in a week will help our brain to function in a productive way and help us to reach our goals.

Some people even work much longer than that, while believing that the more they work, the more they can score higher.

But what really happens?

Working longer or working straight for 8 hours doesn’t make you a genius.

Instead, it makes you feel more stressed and exhausted.

This happens when you sit in front of a computer working all day straight.

Putting ourselves at work for 8 hours, without taking a single break drains out all your energies. This makes us less effective at work and as a result work time gets stretched.

This makes you less effective at work and as a result, work time gets stretched out.

Our brain performs great when it gets new things to focus on.

And when I say new things it doesn’t mean new work.

By new things, I meant looking at different views and keeping your mind interested.

So, how should we suppose to do?


Here, I got you 3 simple tricks which can help you improve your focus and increase your productivity.


1. Take 15 Min Break Twice A Day

Normally our brain can focus on a task for approx. 90-120 minutes before it needs a break.

Taking a 15 min break in between your work can be a good idea.

Ideal time will be, 2 hours before your launch time and another one can be 2 hours after your launch time.

Use this time to gain some knowledge or just go out for a coffee or do something which helps you feel relaxed.

I am sure when you return to your desk you will have a fresh mood which will help you in focusing on your work even better.


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2. Set A Timer

Set up a timer to remind you when to take a break.

You can use your smartphone or you can use a Pomodoro. Set it for every 90 minutes and then take a break for 10-15 minutes.


3. Prioritize Your Work

When you just got started with your work in the morning, is when you are the most productive.

So, bring forward your most difficult and urgent work to finish it in the first half of the day and put simple and easy once for the rest of the day.

You can readjust your to-do list if anything important comes up in between the day.


Wrap Up

Follow these easy 3 tricks and make yourself more productive.

Be the man your boss always wanted you to be.