Why Do You Need To Have Your Own Domain Name?
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Why Do You Need To Have Your Own Domain Name?

Why Do You Need To Have Your Own Domain Name?

Do you know what the most valuable thing I own today?

My Domain Name registered under my name “WWW.ARUNKMAHARANA.COM”.

Most people don’t really understand how much value a domain name can generate if they have their own domain name. No matter if you own a big business or you are a person who just wants to get started with a blog.

Owning a personal domain name is like owning a business card.

Anyone and everyone can come over there and take a look to figure out how much value you could give to them.

Today, owning a personal domain name is like owning you’re a house.

By purchasing a DOT COM gives you a credibility and an authority.

So now the question is why you should buy a personal domain name?

Well, continue reading and you will figure it out all by yourself.


1. Helps In Building Your Personal Brand

Having a personal domain name is a great way to brand yourself online.

Doesn’t matter if you are a freelance graphic designer or you are a CEO of a finance company or you are just a writer who wants to build his name in this busy world.

Domain name acts as a visiting card along with the option to showcase your true talent over there to let people know how much knowledge you have in your niche.

Plus it is the easiest way to be found online with a professional look.


2. Help You Become An Authority

Some people write books, some people teach others to build their authority to showcase their knowledge.

This is similar to that, but in more easier and in a convenient way.

Writing a blog on your niche with a high-value content gives your customer a reason to trust you.

If your blog post contents are exciting and informative enough, people will come to you for help and then you can charge for it.


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3. It Shows Your Professionalism

Why do you need to spend 100’s of dollars to make business cards and hand it over to someone?

It is easier and effective way to show them your website for showing off your skills on a larger scale with a professional touch.

Having a custom build email under your website name and sending an email with that, will show that, you mean strict business plus it will also show that you’re a legitimate and professional person.


4. If You Don’t Buy It, Someone Else Will

Tell me one thing, what if you spent so much of your time and effort, building a brand name and suddenly someone else just took that name?

Do you know how much free publicity and value he/she will get, just because you didn’t want or decided to buy your own domain name?

Just imagine, after years of dedication and hard work, you managed to build a name for yourself, but in return when a person types your name on google, it shows someone else site.

Trust me guys, it will be painful and frustrating.

Give me one good reason why you couldn’t have your own domain name.

Firstly, it will cost you less than what you spend on a couple of lattes you drink in a coffee shop every day, plus if you don’t want to build a business with it, that’s fine, you can always use it to blog your daily life or just link it to your latest photos you clicked while you were on a vacation.

Don’t just throw it all while you can have it and make it your valuable asset.


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Wrap Up

So, I guess these points gave you some clear idea about how important owning a domain name is.

If you want to get your business or your personal name up and running my friends, then grab a domain name right away.

Getting a domain name is just a starting point, but the truth is, it just opens up a doorway to so many, or you can say to unlimited opportunity to grow yourself and earn money out of it.