How To Discover Your Life’s Purpose In 4 Easy Ways
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How To Discover Your Life’s Purpose In 4 Easy Ways

How To Discover Your Life’s Purpose In 4 Easy Ways

"What is my LIFE’s PURPOSE?"

This is a question many of us ask ourselves a lot of times when we are all alone.

Sometimes we come out with an answer and many times we come out blank.

Does that mean we don’t have a purpose?


Everyone has a purpose in their life.

The problem is we have so much to think about in this world, that our brain chooses to just skip the part where we have to discover our life’s true purpose

And this makes us feel like we are missing something or we are just lost.

If you don’t know what your purpose is, then you surely don’t know where you are headed.

I know this feeling because earlier even I had a hard time to find out what my true purpose was until now.

Now I know exactly what it is and after knowing it, everything became so crystal clear.

Suddenly, my work became easier, I could focus more on my work and I barely felt lost or de-motivated.

So, here are some things which I did to figure out what’s my life’s true purpose was -


1. Take A Break

Sometimes human brain needs rest from our daily busy schedule.

I took a long break when I met with an accident and broke my knee.

Well, I couldn't walk after that so, it wasn't like I have any other choice really.

But trust me, that was the most fruitful gift I ever got for myself.

It gave me time to think and realize, what am I doing in my life and what should I suppose to do rather.

Take out time from your busy schedule and take a break.

It’s ok, if it's a day or week or even a month, take some time off.

Even if you don’t want to figure out what you truly desire that's ok. Sometimes you do need a break from your work to your work to get relaxed and re-energize.


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2. Create A Vision Board

Another thing which I did was, I created a vision board.

Go to an art supply store and buy a poster board and start pining or painting your ideas on it.

A vision board really helps you to view your goal more clearly.

Find some images or painting which can illustrate your goal and start mapping it out.

But remember, don’t go into depth, just put the ideas on the board and let your imaginations do the rest.


3. Talk To Someone You Trust

Rather than spending your leisure time on your smartphone playing games, use that time to talk to your friend or anyone you trust.

I used to talk to my friends all the time and got a lot of good ideas to work with.

Have a chat with your friends or your family about your problems, ideas or your situation.

Share your plans with them and ask them what they think, you should do?

Let them suggest you what you should or shouldn’t do, but take the advice which you feel, positive about.


4. Look Back At Your Social Media Posts

I know, I told you to get off on your phone, but trust me this is not about having fun. It's quite the opposite, doing a boring job to figure out who you really are.

It doesn’t matter which social media platform you use, just go through your old posts or tweets.

You will find out which type of posts you liked or shared or created in your past.

Do you liked those photography tips kind of posts or did you just shared something about a business related article?

The kind of topic you liked or shared shows how much you care about that topic.

Consider building a career or at least figure out how that topic can be useful for you.

Sometimes our brain gives us the signal which we don’t realize till we relook them.

So start checking your old post and find out what interests you.


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Wrap Up

Each of us has a purpose to fulfill in our life.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a personal or any career-related purpose, just find the right one and start planning how you can achieve it.