How To Get Comfortable In Front Of A Camera
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How To Get Comfortable In Front Of A Camera

How do people do this... how do people talk to a camera like this?... it's awkward.

When it comes to record videos on youtube... there is only one thing which keeps people away from doing it... and that is feeling awkward or uncomfortable in front of a camera.

Now, how do people do this... how do they get comfortable in front of a camera? I mean if you are shooting alone then it becomes even worse.

How can someone look at a thing and pretend that you are having a conversation with it?

Ya, if there is a cameraman in front of you then at least you can pretend like you are talking to him but what if you are the only person in your room with a camera sticking to your face just like this... then what would you do?

Seriously, guys would you believe if I told you... it took me almost 2 years to start my YouTube channel.


Because I was a camera-shy guy... if that makes sense.

Actually, I wouldn't say I was shy... but I was having this hesitation, that how can I talk to a camera like this... It felt a bit awkward.

But now I am more comfortable in front of a camera, than while shooting my first video...

Because once I started shooting myself, even though I was completely alone in my room, I did learn some basics tricks on how I should act or present or do things in front of a camera to make myself comfortable.


So in this video, I am going to share with you those tricks which helped me and which can also help you to get comfortable in front of a camera.


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Tip 1: Record, Watch, Revise

I know... you feel awkward... but try to shoot a video of yourself.

Now, it doesn't have to be on a topic... you can just talk about anything.

About your life... what you want to do... or about your work... or anything you want to rant about.

Now, take that footage... check on your computer and observe.

Observe what mistakes you are doing... maybe it's your expression or your posture or the way of talking... and make the adjustment.

You can also show these videos to your friends and family and ask them a feedback.

They will know when you being yourself in front of the camera and when you are being uncomfortable.

And after that just repeat the same process again and again till you feel natural being in front of a camera.


Tip 2: Talk To Someone Behind The Camera

Now, I know... I told you this video is about how to get comfortable in front of a camera when you are alone... and that is what it is.

What I meant was... imagine someone standing behind the camera and act like you are talking to him or her.

I know a lot of people won't be able to do that... so I have a solution for them.

If you can't imagine... place a mirror behind the camera and talk to your reflection.

And even if you can't do that then bring a photo of the people you can talk without any hesitation and put it on the camera and just talk to them.

It will help you to visualize that person standing in front of you and you can be comfortable.


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Tip 3: Do Live Streaming.

Now... you guys might be thinking...

"Dude, I can't even talk to a camera and why are you telling me to talk to a live audience?"

Because trust me guys... the only way you can kill your demon is to face them.

Plus talking on a phone is much different than talking to a camera.

Now think for a sec... every day you spend a lot of time on your phone camera... I don't know... taking selfies or making videos or probably shooting yourselves.

By now you must be acquainted with your phone's camera. 

So the tiny doubt which you have of being awkward... Live Streaming will take that away.

It's not like you will be just talking, talking and talking over there... there will be a lot of engagements from your fans.

Now, you can do live streaming with anyone... your audience or with your friends or anyone.

This will ease you up and prepare you for making videos.


Tip 4: Decide What Will Be In Your Shot

Now, plenty of people will be uncomfortable because of their shots.

Maybe they chose the wrong outfit or the background is a bit unpleasant.

Just decide and prepare yourself beforehand for the clothes you want to wear or the things you want to put in your background...

You want to add something or you want to take off something or even decide if you want to a plain background like a white or black or any other colored background or do you want a room look... decide for yourself and then frame your shot.

This will make you feel confident and you could shoot without any distraction or hesitation.


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Tip 5: Know You Will Make Better Videos

Now, what do I mean by that?

What I mean is... know that your first video will be a disaster.

Some people will make it a hit but most of us will fail in making our first video a greatest hit.

But don't let that stop you from recording your videos.

You may be have recorded a bad one... maybe you are not comfortable with your background or the way you have dressed or the way you are talking... but trust me... as you record your videos... you will learn from your own mistakes... and you will be better tomorrow.

So don't let that become your excuse to not making videos.

Start doing it... if something went wrong... you can edit it or reshoot the entire thing... but just don't quit.


Wrap Up

So, I just gave you my 5 tips to make your video shoot smooth... so stop worrying and making excuses and start shooting.

If you want to share your tips on how you became comfortable in front of your camera... I would love to hear about that... Leave them in the comment box on Youtube.