7 Easy Steps To Be A Big Thinker
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7 Easy Steps To Be A Big Thinker

7 Easy Steps To Be A Big Thinker

People normally ask this question on a regular basis “Why am I not a BIG THINKER and can’t do anything which will make me a better and a successful person?”

Trust me, I know the feeling.

The thing is, people don’t have time these days to think about themselves.

Buried under work in the office, really don’t give you an option to take some time off and start thinking about you and your future.

And then the real problem starts.

Getting frustrated easily, giving up on your dreams becomes common in this situation and this reduces your productivity level.

In my early days when I used to work for a corporate company, even I used to get frustrated with silly little things.

But, then I realized that it isn’t going to work for me. I knew that if I need to build a better future for me, I have to start planning for it.

I took some time off to understand how to start a blog, promote it and make a living out of blogging.

And then I finally said “GOODBYE” to my old 9-5 job and started my own blogging business.

Thinking big isn’t something you were born with, it’s something you need to develop it.

It is a simple process but you need to have a lot of dedication and consistency if you want to fulfill your dreams.

So, let me tell you how you can start thinking big with 7 easy steps:


1. Take Some Time To Think

Isn’t it obvious?

Every good thing needs time to become big.

Take some time off, from your busy schedule and think, how you can build a better future for yourself.

Find out at which time your creative level is high and make yourself completely isolated from the world. That means, no emails, no chatting, no phones for one hour, at least.

Do nothing but sit, think and plan.


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2. Write It Down

Thinking isn’t enough to get you motivated.

Sometimes, people think that the idea which they had in the morning, will stay with them forever.

No, you could be completely wrong about that.

Even if you have an awesome idea, as soon as you reach your office, all those thoughts just vanish.

When you have an idea, write down your ideas on a piece of paper instantly.

Writing it on a piece paper will help you to remember your goals, plus it will also remind you of your goals whenever you see it.


3. Be Specific While Selecting Your Goal

Big goals come with confusing details and it’s even more confusing when you choose a general topic.

Be specific about what your goal is.

You should ask questions and be clear about your goals.

It will help you in identifying the problems and figuring out how you can solve it.


4. Take That First Step

You sketched all your ideas, plans, and every other thing, but if you can’t take that first step, it will be all for nothing.

You need to come-over the thought of whether or not your plan will work.

The moment when this thought strikes your mind, try to think this instead

“If I don’t start it now, I will never get started and I will never be that person which I always wanted to be”

Take that first step and just get started, rest you can find out later.


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5. Always Have A Plan B

Plans can always go wrong.

You can never possibly predict the future or market.

Sometimes a situation arises where you have to make a detour to pass through the problem.

And sometimes you may need a completely different path to reach your destination.

Make a Plan B ahead, so that if something goes wrong, you could easily use your Plan B to get out of that problem.

Remember, problems are always like a road hump. It might slow you down for a while, but you can always pick the speed later.

So, always have a plan B.


6. Set A Deadline

Goals are best when they have a deadline.

It helps you work twice the speed you might be working now.

It creates a sense of urgency which automatically motivate you to take action to succeed.


7. Review Your Goals Daily

Even iron gets rusty when you don’t use it for some days.

A human mind is no different.

It always tries to create new ideas and wants to try new things.

And while doing that, it fades away the thought of achieving your existing goal.

I am not saying new ideas are not good, I am saying first complete your existing goals, then move to the 2nd one.

Write it down on a paper and pin in on your office wall or at your home where you can see it daily.


Wrap Up

It is a simple process but you need a lot of dedication and consistency for practicing it.

Follow these above steps and put it into action. It will make you a better person and will make you think bigger.