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7 Blogging Mistakes You Need To Avoid Right Now

7 Blogging Mistakes You Need To Avoid Right Now

Blogging Mistakes which we all do, let's just talk about this today.

“I can write, which means I can be a perfect blogger”

How many of us told this to ourselves, when we first started blogging?

Regardless, what your friends, family, and others have told you about writing is blogging, it’s far from it.

You might be thinking you have covered all the basics, which are required for blogging but trust me...you haven't yet.

You learned how to install a WordPress, tried plenty of themes and wrote hundreds of blog posts for your blog, with a hope of generating a lot of traffic for your blog.

But even after doing that, you don’t get numbers which you really expected.

Then you start to think blogging or being a blogger is not for you and you quit blogging.

Isn’t that a story of a lot of bloggers?

Most bloggers quit blogging within the first 3 months as DEREK HALPERN mentioned it on "SOCIAL TRIGGERS".

Starting a blog is easy but maintaining it to the level where you generate a profit out of it, is difficult.

The sooner you realize this, the sooner you can come up with a solution.

Just because you didn’t receive any hits every single time you post something on your blog, doesn’t mean your blog has no future.

It’s just that you took some bad decisions while you got started.

Today’s post is not about pointing what rookie mistakes you are doing, but it’s all about knowing what you are doing it wrong and correcting it to strengthen your blog.



Mistake 1: Focusing Only About Yourself


Suppose let's assume you are a travel blogger.

You traveled 100 countries, eat 1000 different foods and met 10,000 people while traveling.

As soon as you opened your laptop, you just wrote about those personal stunts and fun you had over there.

Now, you might be thinking,

“That is, you wrote it, people will read about your fun activities and then they will follow you”

Naa…Not really.


Because no one wants to just see how much fun you had over there, they also want you to show a good amount of information about that place and its surroundings, so that next time when they visit that place it would be easy for them to navigate and have fun.

Remember, they searched your blog because they wanted to plan their next trip not because they want to see how much fun you had.

Bloggers, who genuinely talk to their audience by helping them by solving their problems, that’s how they gain genuine followers.

Blogging is all about giving value to your audience not showcasing your achievements.

Educate your audience with your knowledge, you gained from your experience and show them, how it can solve their problems and then see how soon they connect with you.


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Mistake 2: Your Niche Is Too Broad


"What is your blog all about?"

"Do you want to write about everything?"


"Do you just want to write about a general topic?"

These questions decide whether you will get a huge amount of low-quality readers or fewer amounts of high-quality readers.

Focusing on a core niche, for example, if you are expert in ONLINE MARKETING, then focus on that rather than just go on writing about both online and offline marketing at the same time.

Focusing and writing on a particular niche topic shows how knowledgeable and passionate you are in that niche.

It also helps you in creating high-quality contents within your niche because of less distraction.

This helps your audience to figure out what kind of information they can expect from you or from your blog.



Mistake 3: You Want Your Blog Up And Running Without Investing In It


Free blog platforms like WordPress.com, Blogger, Tumblr, Ghost, Medium are amazing.


Because they provide free hosting.

Guys, with a free package there are lots of restriction to follow.

I have seen plenty of good quality contents on free blogs getting banned because of some small mistakes.

Showcasing your contents on a free platform doesn’t look great.

It also doesn't give you any freedom to do whatever you want with your blog.

It keeps you restricted from plenty of opportunities.

I know it because I have faced it a long time ago.

Spend some money and get your own personalized domain name and a hosting account for your blog.

This gives you total control over your Domain name and you own your contents.

You can run any ads you want. You can also do affiliate marketing by selling, someone else products or even by placing just a link to other's product or blogs, it’s totally upon you.

You can also sell your own product, like e-books, online training course, software etc and make a good amount of money.


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Mistake 4: Not Connecting With Your Audience


Imagine, you have commented on one of your favorite and a successful blogger’s post or on his/her fan page and they replied you back.

How will you feel at that time?

Of course, you will be excited and you would probably want to show it to the whole world... Right?

Exactly, replying back to your audience and getting connected is what will make them feel they mean special to you and you care for them.

Take some time out of your busy schedule and like, comment and have a good conversation with them.

And make sure you do it, not just some agency or any software doing it for you.

This will surely pull some good quality and loyal audience to your blog.



Mistake 5: Not Promoting Your Blog


Writing a good quality post is OK, but what is the use of it if no one comes to your blog and read it?

Thinking that just after you hit that publish button everyone in this world will magically find you and will come to your blog and read your post, is not gonna happen, especially if you are a newbie and no one knows you.


You should use the 80/20 rule for your content marketing strategy.

Like Sujan Patel said on his blog, for promotion, you must spend at least eight times more the amount of time you spent on creating your content.

Plan a perfect strategy for promoting your content.

Promote it on social media, submit it to some good bookmarking sites like DiggStumbleuponReddit and in return, you can generate a good amount of quality backlinks to your blog.



Mistake 6: Creating Too Much Content


"Sure, I wrote plenty of contents, so I will be getting plenty of page views."

Isn't that what everyone thought when we first started our blog?

Well, if you think this is true, then what would you say if I say you Brain Dean from Backlinko.com had managed to fetch 1.7 Million unique visitors with just 34 posts in his blog?

While this is a debate for another time, whether to post plenty of contents in a week or to post one, let me tell you that writing too much of content every week can surely lead you to writer's block.

Writing blog posts every week is good but writing too much of content at-a-time can lead you to writer's block. And trust me, you don't want that.

Let's say suppose, you thought you could write plenty of articles in your niche.

You start writing and after some time you figured out that you couldn't come up with more content ideas more frequently.

Then you start dropping your post rate which then lowers your page view and finally, after watching your page view dropping down, you start giving up on your blog.

So, what should you do then?

Figure out what how many articles really work for your blog.

Every niche has its own figures.

If your blog is focused on news or lifestyle, then probably you can post more contents. But if your blog is focused on educating people on a topic, then less is better.

Write less post but promote more. This is how you will get more page view and you don't have to worry about writer's block.


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Mistake 7: Not Being Consistent

You post every day or every week, it doesn't matter. What really matters is how consistent you are with your blog post.

If you post 7 article in every week and none for another 2 weeks will not give a good impression on your follower. Which means your page view chart will go down.

Which means your page view graph will go down.

So, while planning to build a career with a blog, figure out if you can maintain the consistency or not.

Do you think you could you create 4-6 post in a week and then face the writer's block...then consider posting 1 or 2 posts per week and create accordingly.

Use Trello to plan your writings and use WordPress Editorial Calendar to Schedule your blog post. They will help you to plan your content by scheduling your blog post months ahead will make your work easier.


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Wrap Up

Well, now you know what rookie mistakes you are making it while writing your blog.

Whether you have been writing the blogs for one month or one year, almost everyone had made these blogging mistakes on their blogs.

So try to eliminate these mistakes, you might be doing it for your blog and start increasing your blog’s traffic.