5 Tips On How To Practice Video Marketing In 2018
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5 Tips On How To Practice Video Marketing In 2018


Video Marketing... is like... it good... very good... OK, THE BEST way to market something... but what good will come out, if you can't stand in front of a camera and TALK TO A CAMERA.

Plenty of people will say... AH AH... Video Marketing is not for me... I mean seriously guys???

Video Marketing is for everyone... you... me. business. for everyone.

Do you know, a lot of marketers say that video marketing is the best marketing for getting a good ROI.

Well, in this video I will be telling you on "How you should practice your video marketing strategy in 2018"...stay tuned.

Now, everyone knows that videos are the powerful and effective way to connect with your audience.

Now, some people might say..."Dude, videos are not my thing...youtube, have millions of videos and if I put mine then it would probably... you know... get lost in the crowd."

But guys... with more than 1.5 billion monthly users on youtube who spend more than an hour per day. don't you think there is one slightest chance of getting discovered in that crowd?

Ok... let's just say, if we just take 0.0001% of the total users, if they watch one video of you, you still have 1500 views... RIGHT??

Now, that's not a big number... but think, if you have 100 videos on your channel and each got this 1500 view (a minimum) then you have 150,000 views?

Now, you better get a grip on yourself and just start recording videos for your business... because it's a high time right now, to begin with, videos marketing in 2018.

So, without any further due, let me give you those 6 tips on how you should practice and up your video marketing game.


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Tip 1: Plan Before Starting

Now don't just go in front of a camera and start rambling about the points which are not even important to the topic you are talking about.

Take a step back... sit quietly and jot everything you want to tell.

Now, you want to write your script or you just want to write points... it completely depends upon you... in fact if you need any help in writing your script then go to my other video where I talked about how to write your script for youtube videos...

Now, after scripting it... just go in front of a camera and start rehearsing it... don't just read the entire script, but talk... talk to yourself in front of a camera.


Tip 2: Make A Best 10 Sec Intro

Now, more than half of your viewers will probably close your video in your first 5-10 sec.


Because you didn't grab your audience attention.

Now you got 5-10 sec window to deliver a hook message and draw your audience attention to watch your entire video.

Keep it short and up to the point.

Tell them, what your video is all about and what they can expect from this video?

Figure out what question or what sentence you should hit at the beginning so that your views will stick to the video.

Make that line filled with suspense or make it a teaser message.

This will build a curiosity in your audience mind and that will make them watch your entire video.


Tip 3: First Give, Then Ask

Now, people don't care about your product.

What it does, what's the cost... they simply don't care.

All they need is some information about a particular topic.

Suppose, you have a fitness channel or a company who make a protein shake.

Now, why people will buy a protein shake from you?

Unless you build a connection with your audience by giving them something helpful.

Like what are the exercises you can do... what type of diet you should have for weight loss, these kinda stuff.

Figure out what problems your viewers are facing and come up with a solution.

Show them that, you know what you are talking about and you are an authority in your niche... and you want to genuinely help them... not because you have a product to sell, but you just want to help them.

And then show them the product you made which also solves their so and so problem in a more subtle way.


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Tip 4: Call To Action

This is the extension of the previous point.

End the video with a proper CTA.

It can be simply asking your audience to buy something from you or like your video or share it or subscribe your channel.

It can be anything... all you have to do is to remind them that there is a specific task that people need to do after they finish watching your video.


Tip 5: Optimize Your Videos For SEO

Now, after all these hard work and rehearsals and doing all sorts of stuff... your videos don't show up on youtube search page...

Ouch... that would be a bummer... really bad.

There are plenty of tactics you can use to up your video rankings.

Use proper titles, tags, description... and use services like TubeBuddy and VidIQ to get suggestions and help on figuring out which tags you should use for your video to increase the ranking.

I will show you exactly how you can to do that in my upcoming videos... so have a little bit of patience.

Make sure you also add youtube card... end screen features and also make sure you have enabled the embedded feature for your video so that bloggers can link your videos on their blog.



Wrap Up

So teach yourself how you can do video marketing without any hesitation and practice... practice... and practice till you perfect.