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5 Types Of Content That Will Drive You More Traffic

5 Types Of Content That Will Drive You More Traffic

Today, Content Marketing has become a huge influencing medium for almost every business on this planet.

It is more than just some words on your blog to generate traffic.

It should be at the top of your “TO-DO Marketing Strategy List”.

But, simply writing a post and posting it once in a while on your blog, isn’t going to make any difference for your business.

Without a proper strategy, simply writing just to fill your daily blogging schedule won’t give you a high sale for your business, in fact, it will do the opposite, it will just ruin your reputation.

I always say this,

Always choose quality content over quantity.

That is how you can nail it.

First of all, if you are just getting started with your blog, you should know what type of content you need to focus on in order to generate more traffic and profit for your business.

And in this article, I am going to tell you exactly what type of contents works best.

But, before I start writing about them, you should know you don’t necessarily need to use all of them. You can always try new things or stick with one which gives you a better ROI for your blog.


So, here we go.


1. Video And Live Streaming

Videos and Live Streaming is one of my favorite and the biggest trend going on since 2016.

A video post is always a good idea to make your content go viral.

It is much easier to understand and much simpler to build. All you need is your smartphone with some daylight and you are good to go.

A video always helps you to deliver your message in a more subtle way.

Earlier, we just had Youtube, but now we got Facebook Live, Instagram, Snapchat and much more platform where you can start doing live streaming and get connected with your audience.

The best part is it is much easier to create and saves a lot of time to promote them and will make you stand out from the crowd.

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2. How-To Posts

How-To is the second most popular type of post you can use it to generate more traffic.

Write a how-to post in a well explanatory manner that people will love to read it.

Identify what problems your audience is facing in your niche. Give them the solution. Write in-depth Step-by-Step process. Summarize it and conclude it. 

It’s that simple.

Use videos, charts, pictures to make your how-to blog post more understandable and more appealing.

Be specific while choosing your blog post topic.


3. Make A List Post

List Post gives your reader a unique and simpler way to understand your message.

List-post headlines like “5 Tips That Will Help You In Increasing Your Social Media Shares” or “How To Start Your Career With Blogging In 5 Easy Steps” always fetch more attraction.

Pick up one topic, think about how many points can you cover that topic and VOILA, you are half done creating a list post.


Use a simple format like:

a. Write a compelling intro.

b. Sort out the list.

c. Write a conclusion.

And that’s it.

Remember, there are no rules about any particular number, so, just use any number you want and write a detailed list of your chosen topic.

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4. Case Studies

Do you have a product or a formula which you have tried with your client and helped them in generating a good amount of revenue?

That’s great. Share it with everyone.

Share it with everyone.

Let your audience know how you did it.

People love to read about a genuine, tried and tested process, which has already shown some good results rather than spending your time reading on things which anyone can tell them on the internet.

Case Study always gives you a Credibility.

Write a small summary of what problem you or your client faced while experimenting and how you gave them a formula or product which gave them a good result.

Explain it step-by-step. Be specific and be clear while explaining it to them about the whole process.

Tell them about the results and conclude it with a “Call To Action” to your product or service page.


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5. Host a Webinar and Interview Influencers

Every niche has Influencers.

Interviewing them will not only educate your audience, it also helps you in learning more about that topic and gaining more knowledge.

Spend some time researching about Influencers, whom you want to interview.

Know what they do and how good they are.

Find out if they can give any valuable information to your audience or are they the right person for your audience.

Send an email asking them if you can interview them about a specific topic.

But also make sure to mention that how that interview will give them a value in return. This is an important point. No one will give you anything if they don’t get something in return.

If they give you a positive reply, then VOILA…schedule the interview right away.

Always show that excitement you have while introducing those influencers to your audience. 

Ask them a question and let them answer it. Ask them only genuine and engaging questions.

In the end, don’t forget to thank them and make sure that they get all the credit they deserve.

You can also pitch their product if you think can be of great use to your audience as a gesture of appreciation.

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Wrapping Up

Today it might seem hard to compete in content marketing market, but remember everyone still scores an awesome result from it.

Try these type of post and see how it drives traffic to your blog. Experiment with these and find out which works best for your blog and let me know your results.