4 Things To Do For A Perfect Happy Day
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4 Things To Do For A Perfect Happy Day

4 Things To Do For A Perfect Happy Day

How many of you guys feel like whatever you are doing throughout the day is not just enough.

There is something wrong, something far from a happy life, or missing something from your daily life.


Its called Happiness and Satisfaction…RIGHT??

Sometimes our daily life sucks.

We live in a world where we are tied to a 9-5 job, deal with all those annoying colleagues, noisy neighbor….GOSH…and the list goes on.

Do these things make you feel like getting out into the woods and live in a cave all alone, free from all distractions, computers, cars, phones?

Seriously, sometimes even I feel that.

I just want to escape from all these distractions.

I want to go someplace, where I can be just me and spend some time with myself, without worrying about anything else and do whatever I like.

It’s nothing wrong if these kinds of thoughts come to your mind.

But the thing is, even though we want it, we can’t do it in reality.

There are a lot of things, like family, job, and money related problems which always hold you back.

Well, what if I tell you, I can help you to create a perfect day where you can be happy and full of joy every single day. Something you can do to live a smooth and happy life every day?

What? Don’t believe me?

OK, maybe not the happiest and joyful day, but these tips can definitely increase the level of your happiness and positiveness in your life.

Let’s check it out then.

Below are some ways which I did for myself to make every day feel like the happiest day of my life.


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1. Waking Up With A Calm Mind

Everyone says that…Right?

But does that truly work?

Yes, it does.

If you get up early and the first thought you have, is all about how stressful and painful your day will be, you are already depressed.

I mean, come on guys, it’s the morning time. You just woke up after relaxing your body and brain.

Don’t just dump all those crappy thoughts in your mind, about how your day will be like hell.

You got the whole day for worrying about that.

First thing after you wake up, do something which relaxes you.

Do some meditation, listen to music, read books or do whatever you feel like, which makes you happy.

Try avoiding those gadgets as much as you can for few minutes. Those emails and messages on your social media can wait for few more minutes.

Spend some time with yourself. Appreciate the new day of your life.

Remember, morning mind is just like an empty pot. You can grow flower plants in it or you can grow a cactus.


2. Practice The Best You Can Be For Today

After a happy moment, it’s time for you to think about how good you are.

Think about where you started your life and think about where you are today.

Think about what things helped you reach this point.

But remember, don’t exhaust yourselves thinking about those things which you need to achieve, but appreciate the things which you have right now, with you.


3. Deal With Negative People

You are having an amazing time at your office or at home, but if suddenly someone comes to you and tries to put all those negative thoughts of him, inside you.

What can you do?

Try to avoid them as much as possible?

Please don’t ever do that.

Running away from negative people isn’t the solution. At some point, you have to face them and you have to deal with them.

Control your emotions instead and think before you talk to them.

Don’t encourage or allow them to transfer their negativity inside you.


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4. End Your Day Positively

Before you go to bed, think about all those good things which happened to you on that day.

No matter how little you felt well about it, just think about it.

It will help you to calm your mind and will improve your quality of your sleep.



Practice these habits daily and you will notice some change in yourself. Don’t try to be happy, just be happy.