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Do you always forget what you are saying while shooting your youtube videos... Then Let's Script that... not skip that... let's do it...

A lot of people have asked me on social media that, how do I remember what I say in my videos?

Am I scripting it...remembering it...or just talk just like that?

Now I do have a secret to tell...


Everything in my video is scripted...


I script everything because

a) I don't have to remember everything and

b) I can deliver all my points more efficiently in a right way or in a right order.


Now, earlier I use to script each and every sentence...word for word...but that didn't work for me.

If you had seen my 1st video, I was talking about a droid... a robot...

I was reading it... remembering it... and delivering it... that was the only video I used a full-fledged script.

But now, I just make some bullet points and I make sure I say all those points and just elaborate them in front of the camera.

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't script the whole thing.

It was my personal preference to write my script like that... for you... it's your choice.

So today, I will be showing you how to prepare a script for your videos. Doesn't matter if you are writing the whole script or just the points. These points will give you a basic idea on how to write your script.


Step 1: Start With A Hook Message

Now, you have 5-10 sec slot at the beginning to build a connection with your audience... and make them want to watch your entire video.

The intro is the most important part of your video and this is where you should deliver your hook message.

Keep your hook message as short as possible and also interesting

When people click your video... give them a reason why they should continue watching your video...

Take my example... when I started this video...I said " Do you always forget what you are saying while shooting your youtube videos... Then Let's Script that... not skip that... let's do it..."

See... that was scripted... with a little bit of humor... and delivering a teaser about what this video is all about... I also tried to make it sound a bit interesting with that last part.

So... when you start your video... start with a message by simply telling them what this video is all about and why they should stay on your page instead of clicking other related videos showing them in the sidebar.

1st make them stay with you and then go for intro trailer or graphics or whatever you want.


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Step 2: Introduce Yourself

Not everybody coming to your video know who you are or what you do.

Introduce yourself and what you do.

So that people can understand you... "Oh, this guy teaches, How to start an Online Business with Blogging and Youtube Videos... let's watch his videos on his channel".

For you... tell them what you do... what important points you are going to cover in this video... a short call to action like subscribe me or follow me on social media.

Introductions are not necessarily required... you can always skip this part, but I would still recommend to add it to your script... it will add value if you are branding yourself.


Step 3: The Body

Now, after the intro... you jump into the body part.

This is where you elaborate all your points... your information about this topic... give any suggestion... whatever you have it on your mind... this is where you share all that information.

Now, this is the part you need to decide if you want to write a whole script or you just want to go with points and talk about it.

In any case, make sure you write it in a way so that you don't have to remember each and everything or go on rambling around or go off topic... while shooting.

This will save time while editing... because the more you make mistakes while filming the harder the process will be while editing... RIGHT??

Make a list first... put it in a sequence... so that you can be sure which points will come first which one comes next and which one comes last.

Then decide if you want to write a full script or you are just ok with those points.


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Step 4: Close It With A Call To Action

After you have finished with your body... direct them to do whatever you want them to do.

Add a call to action in your script... because people don't know what you want them to do unless you tell them to do so.

For instance. ask them to subscribe your channel or if you are marketing something an ebook or a software... ask them to go and download it... or if you have a course, ask them to signup for it.

If you don't have anything to sell or download... tell them to go and watch your older video which you have created earlier and which are also related to the video they are watching it.

This way people will get a reminder... that they have to subscribe or like or share your videos.


Wrap Up

So these were my 4 steps for you guys to write a perfect script for your youtube videos. Let me know how you write your script on my youtube video page.

Good Luck!!!