4 Simple Ways You Can Control Your Self-Doubt
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4 Simple Ways You Can Control Your Self-Doubt

4 Simple Ways You Can Control Your Self-Doubt

How many of you could say YES, if I ask you


“Did you really achieved something in your life?”


I guess, very few will say “Yes, I did it”.

But did you ever asked yourself,


“Why couldn’t I achieve the things, I truly desire?”


Well, the answer is “SELF-DOUBT”.


Having self-doubt is a common thought we all have it inside us, especially when we face some difficult and discouraging situations.

It makes us give-up too early or sometimes it even stops us from even getting started in the first place.

It usually comes after you failed multiple times in your life.

But for some reason, Self-Doubt is a good thing actually. It helps in raising the questions like

It helps in raising some questions like


“Am I ready to do this work?”


“What if it doesn’t give me the results I want?”




“What if I fail?”


These questions come when we doubt ourselves.

Now you decide whether it is a good thing that these questions popped out or is it a bad thing.

Sometimes these questions help us in figuring out what we are doing to grow and what should we do in order to make it better.

Use the answers to motivate yourselves and keep moving forward, towards your goal and achieve it.


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But first let me tell you 4 simple and easy ways, how you can control your Self-doubt mindset.


1. Forget “HOW” And Adapt “WHAT”


The first point is, stop thinking about how you can do and concentrate on what you should do. This is an important point.

Unfortunately, when we don’t know how to complete our goals, we doubt our self if we can get that work done or can I get my desired result I am looking for and then we just hold ourselves back.

We can’t possibly predict if we could succeed while doing the work for the first time. We don’t have the power to see future…RIGHT??

Focus on what you already know and what you can control. Once you figure that out, rest will come to you automatically.

You will make progress step by step and you will learn what you should do and what you shouldn’t.

You will fail at the beginning and you will also face obstacles, but that’s OK. Isn’t that what we all call it an experience?

If you just start doing your work right away and focus on what needs to be done instead of worrying about how it can go wrong, you will definitely get the results you want.


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2. Stay Away From Negative Influences


There are hundreds of people out there, who will stand right next to you and tell you, how this thing will not work in the real world and why you shouldn’t even waste your time on it.

Some people fail in their life and they just want everyone else to fail along with them.

Avoid these kinds of people and find people who can motivate you and encourage you to move forward. This doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t point out your failures. In fact, they should, so that you can learn and rectify your mistake.

This doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t point out your failures. In fact, they should, so that you can learn and rectify your mistake.

They should do that, but with a motivated voice, so that you can learn and rectify your mistake and not in a demotivating voice.


3. Solve The Problem


Face it, problem while doing a work for the first time is obvious.

You had fallen down, a thousand times before you knew how to walk… didn’t you?

But, you never gave up then, so why should you give up now?


4. Know When Worrying Is OK


Remember, when I said worrying is good, I meant it.

Sometimes worrying is ok. It helps in raising the questions we need to ask ourselves in order to take some serious action and solve the problem.

But know when to stop worrying.

Too much or worrying will, in fact, make you nervous and will hold you back to give your 100%.

Try to practice to stay focused on how to use worry in a productive way, not in a way which will give you an excuse to not move forward.


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Wrap Up


It will take the time to excel in it, but no matter how much time it needs, no matter how much effort it requires, just give your 100% to complete your job.

You may fail in the beginning, but you will get the desired result you wanted.

Remember, nothing worth comes when you don’t fail.

Failing is a part of the process in order to achieve something bigger.

So control your Self-Doubt and lead a happy life.