4 Reasons Why People Fear To Be Successful
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4 Reasons Why People Fear To Be Successful

4 Reasons Why People Fear To Be Successful


Are you kidding me?

I mean who says that? RIGHT?

How could anyone have fear of success?

If you fear failure it’s understandable, but fear of success…REALLY?

These are the exact thoughts you must be having right now in your head. Well, guys trust me, as much as it hurts, almost everyone has that fear inside.


Let me give you a scenario.

Go and stand in front of a mirror looking at yourself and now just imagine... you are on the verge of a big success.

Now imagine the position and responsibility you need to carry for the rest of your life as you can’t go back or you can’t afford to lose that position in your life either.

How does that feel? SCARY…RIGHT?

You will feel a tiny detail of fear growing inside you.

Now, Why is that happening?

Well, after we reach that level in our life, people start to expect us to make perfect and right decisions every single moment of our life. They want us to be error free and want us to give our 100% effort to make things right.

And that’s where the real problem starts.

Under these kinds of expectations, we start to feel anxious and think about whether or not we can live up to their expectations. That makes so difficult for us to concentrate on your goals.

Some people on a subconscious level they are just terrified, but they couldn’t figure it out why they are having such a hard time to achieve their goals.


So check out some of the points which may be bugging you and stopping you from thinking big and achieving them.


Reason 1: It Will Change Me Into Something I Don’t Want To Be

“Success will force me to stop being myself and transform me into something which you don’t want to be”

This is the most common fear everyone has inside them.

Well, change is a part of life. Everyone changes at some point in time, but that doesn’t mean that success will turn you into something evil unless you decide to.

Life challenges you every single moment of your life and that’s what keeps our life interested and push us to grow.

Stop worrying about what you could become after becoming a success and try to concentrate on how good you can do after reaching that success point.

And about the changing thought, let me give you a simple solution.

If you think that you may change negatively... just think about your parents or your kids, what kind of example you want to set in front of them.

Trust me guys, this will be the best motivation you can ever get to change yourself towards being a better person.


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Reason 2: It’s Impossible To Reach The Top

Do you have that little faith in yourself?

Ok, let me give you an example.

Think about a blind man who sculpts a statue of a person or think about those people who plays basketball in a wheelchair.

Did that give you any idea what I am talking about?

If those people didn't quit and they achieved success like that, you can understand by now, that success doesn’t choose people who make excuses and give up before they could even start.

If those people would have simply thought that because of their situation they could never have achieved something like that, do you think they could have reached this far?

There is nothing called IMPOSSIBLE.

It’s just that before climbing a mountain everything seems impossible, but when you just take that first step, everything falls in line.

Before starting you just have an idea but when you start your journey, you will gain a lot of experience in your path.

You will have to stand up if you fall, makes all kind of changes and sometimes you also need to improvise your route to keep going till you reach that top.

Just like that, you need to analyze each and every situation and you need to develop your own path to reach your goal.

Check out your competitors and find what you both have in common and what is that he does or lack so that you can plan out accordingly.

There are plenty of problems waiting for you, but trust me guys, when you start you will learn how to tackle the situations automatically.


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Reason 3: Fear Of Standing Out In The Crowd

Seriously, guys, this is the worst thought which will hold you back.

You may have hundreds of unique and brilliant ideas, but this one thought is enough to stop that idea from becoming a reality.

Thoughts like “If I do this, then it will put me in a spotlight and I don’t want that kind of attention” will just make you scared and it will ruin everything.

I know, it’s easy to blend in with the crowd than standing out and deal with rejection and embarrassment of failing.

So, what can you do instead?

First of all, face your fears. PERIOD…

What is that one thing which comes to your mind when you think about success?

Take a pen and a paper and fold it in a half.

Now, write down all those scary thoughts on one side and your idea on the other.

Now unfold your paper and look at that paper again. I am sure it won’t look that scary what you thought it could actually be.

Writing it down gives you an idea and clarity, how silly those scary thoughts could be.

You will probably laugh when you see your own silly thoughts lying next to your big idea which can possibly change the lives of millions of people.

So, guys drop that fear and start working towards your goal.


Reason 4: I Don’t Deserve It

Sometimes the feeling of a low esteem can make you feel that you are a fraud and don’t deserve success.

Some people with this believe fails in life while some people succeed.

It is very important for you to get rid of these thoughts.

Figure it out why you feel it. Did you committed a mistake or do you think you make mistakes in life and you will ruin everything once you get successful?

Well, no one is perfect, even those guys who are on top, today. They might seem perfect to you but they are not. They have flaws and they also made mistakes. After all, we are humans.

Adjust your thoughts, when you start thinking about, you don’t deserve it.

For example, if you think

“ I don’t deserve a promotion just because the guy sitting next to me works 2 hours more than me, how do I deserve a promotion “

Adjust your thoughts to...

Why not me? I deserve this promotion because I achieve my target, I am loyal towards my company, I help my company grow, so why not me?"

Pull out all the positive things you have it inside you and start thinking why shouldn’t you deserve some good things when you have these all good qualities inside you.


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Wrap Up

Success is a positive vibe, stop treating it as a negative one. Success comes to you when you work hard with passion and determination to achieve it, don’t just throw it all away just because of these silly and negative thoughts. Be positive and it will make things better.