3 Tips On How To Come Up With Fresh Content Ideas
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3 Tips On How To Come Up With Fresh Content Ideas

How to come up with fresh and new content ideas for your youtube channel or even for your blog?

Ideas can literally come from anything or anywhere... you just need to open your mind and grasp those ideas.

When you allow yourself to see things with less restricted mindset... you increase the possibilities of grasping ideas from anything.

I get 100's of ideas every single day... but can I make videos of every idea I get?? ... NO!!!

Getting an idea and converting that into a video or a blog post... it literally takes a lot of work and preparations.

So without any further due... let me give you my 3 tips on how I come up with my content ideas for my YouTube videos and for my blog.


Tip 1: There Is No Such Thing Called A Good Or Bad Idea

Ya... that's true... there is nothing called a good or a bad idea. they are just ideas.

Train your brain to come up with ideas by writing 10-15 ideas every single day.

I have a list of ideas... like 500 or 600 ideas. out of which, not every idea is a killer idea... there are definitely some which are real idea killers...

Ok, they are bad... really bad...

A lot of them are just random ideas... it just pops up in my head and ends up on my list.

Making a habit of building a list of ideas will help you to train your brain to open up and recognize an idea floating around you... not like FLOATING FLOATING... you got me... Right?

Some ideas which you might have thought was a bad idea but after posting that video... it turns out it brought you 1000's of views... and those which you thought was a great idea, turns out completely dead.

The list will act like a reference... even though you have already created a video on a certain topic. you can still use that same topic, mix it with some other topic and make it a combined whole new topic out of it.

This will be your resource, which you can always refer to at any point... anytime or at any place.


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TIP 2: Record Each And Every Idea

When it comes to getting an idea... I always record my ideas with my voice on my phone

Now, many people prefer writing their ideas... but I personally prefer to record them with my own voice... and then, when I have a chance to write them... I put it all out on a paper.

Now let's be practical... Most of us don't take a pen and a paper everywhere we go... Right??

So what happens if you got an idea when you are outside?

You pull out your phone and start typing it??

Don't do that.

Because by the time you pull your phone out and start typing on it... half of the thought would have been already gone... vanished...

The best way is, to pull out your phone and open the voice recorder... and start recording your ideas with your voice.

Best and the Easiest way.

Later you can always write it down in your list book.


Tip 3: Just Ask Your Audience

Seriously... Just ask them.

Simply ask them on what topic they want you to make a video on.

Now, you can't possibly make videos on all the questions they throw at you... Right?

But sometimes, some people ask some really good question which you can make a video out of it.


Wrap Up

So, those were my secrets... on how I consistently come up with new and fresh ideas for my youtube channel or for my blog.


Use these trick and let me know on Twitter with hashtag #akmtalks how do you come up with new content ideas for your blog or for your youtube channel.


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Link to the video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vYFP_ePuLtc