7 Easy Steps To Be A Big Thinker
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10 Simple Ways On How To Live A Happy Life

7 Easy Steps To Be A Big Thinker

There are two kinds of thoughts in this world.

One is a positive thought and another is a negative thought.


Let me give you some tips to become a positive thinker and lead a happy life and become the kind of person others will want in their circle:


1. Become Self-Aware

Do you want that negative person out of your life? 

Well, before doing that first know how much negativity do you have inside you.

We all have some demons or negative side within us.

But knowing them and realizing it, is what makes you a better person.

Know your negative habits of yours and pull it out of your life.


2. Write What Makes You Happy

This point is important.

Sit down on the floor and switch off your mobile laptop and anything that can create a distraction.

Take a pen and a paper and start writing all those things which make you happy.

It could be anything, painting, cooking, photographing, trekking etc. just write it down and pin it to your wall where you can see it every single day.


3. Do What You Love

Does painting makes you happy, just do it. Does cooking helps in calming down, then just go for it.

Just do something which makes you feel good.

These simple things will fill you with joy and happiness.

Just feel the positivity and happiness you will get after you get started. This will make you happy.


4. Help Others

Finding a way to help others without asking anything in return, makes us happy, even if it is just a little bit. Don’t you agree?

Offer your help or assist someone who needs help.

No matter, if it is a financial help or an emotional, just give your hand to help others. I am sure you will feel better about yourself and it will make you happy.



5. Be Active

Sitting all day on a chair, working just makes you dull and inactive and lowers your productivity.

Get up and walk or do some physical activity every day.

For best result add jogging in your morning TO-DO list. If playing with your dog makes you happy then go for it or if you like spending time on the roof watching the sky then just go upstairs and do some warm-ups or exercise over there.

This will help you to stay fit and boost up your happy mood.


6. Eat Light

Eating light helps in proper digestion and brings the energy level up.

Light eating also makes us feel lighter and also improves our concentration and productivity.

Eat 5 times a day, 3 large and 2 small.


7. Smile More

How do you feel when someone smiles at you?

Good…isn’t it?

Smile not only sends a happy message to the person you are smiling at but also makes you happy. 

Practice giving at least one smile a day to someone and see how effective it could be.


8. Be Thankful

Sometimes we don’t even realize that there are people out there who don’t even have a roof over their head or food to eat.

When you realize how blessed you are, having all these things, be thankful and you will be happy.

So, appreciate what you have in your life.


9. Manage Your Stress

We all have stress. Some have work stress, some have family stress. But, we forget that by taking stress don’t solve our problems, instead, it creates one. Don’t let stress ruin your happiness. You deserve to be happy. Practice some yoga or meditation to manage your stress level and be happy.

Some have work stress, some have family stress. 

But, we forget that by taking stress won’t solve our problems on its own, instead, it creates a new one. 

Don’t let stress ruin your happiness. You deserve to be happy.

Practice some yoga or meditation to manage your stress level and be happy.


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10. Sleep Well

Last, but not least.


Yes, a good 7 hours sleep.

There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning with a sleepy and irritative mood. You really don’t want that now, won’t you?

Not sleeping a good amount of sleep makes you feel irritated all the day.

Sleep at least 7 hours every night and wake up fresh and happy in the morning.



Wrap Up

These are some few tips which you could use it in order to be happy in your life.

Try whichever things on this list you want and the rest in a little amount. Write it down which activity helped you and in what way? When you feel like giving up, just go and have a look at your journal and remind yourself why you need to be happy in your life.