Why Should I Repost My Old Contents On Facebook?

Why Should I Repost My Old Contents On Facebook

Why Should I Repost My Old Contents On Facebook


“Should I Repost my old Contents on Facebook?”

OLD POST…Really?

Now that sounds strange…RIGHT?

Why should someone repost their old article from their old days which they already posted it on Facebook? After all, it’s an old piece and your followers already read it.

After all, it is an old piece of content and your followers might have already read it.

Well, the answer is simple.

To jog your reader's memory and for the new readers, you give them something to read.

Those old evergreen contents which still holds the value today, you can post it on your Facebook page for your old as well as for your new readers.

One of the primary problems is, when you first start your blog for your personal or for your business use, you create contents, continuously and then you intend to promote your content on Facebook.

As weeks or months goes by, your fan page will start growing and will get more followers, but none of those new followers will get to see those old post which you wrote, months ago unless they go through your Facebook page's timeline, which is very rare.

Secondly, chances are when you post your content, not every follower on your page will be online.

All your followers come from different parts of the world or should I say from different time zones. So, whatever you post now might not be get read by each and every follower at that moment.

As a result, some followers will miss your content and that content will get pulled down on their timeline if they don’t come online for few hours on that day.

But this doesn't mean that you should post the same content again and again on the same day. Take 3-4 different contents from your blog and post it on your Facebook page.

Remember, there is no doubt that by doing this will help you, fetch a lot of traffic from Facebook, but if you do it without a proper plan or strategy, can ruin your impression too.

So, how you can do it with a proper strategy which will give you an effective result?


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Let’s check it out.


1. Use A Completely Different Titles And Description Rather Than Using The Same From Your Old Share

While posting a link on a Facebook fan page, it automatically fetches your title and description and chances are, you might have already used that same old title and description when you first posted it.

This might work sometimes, but most of the time it fails to attract any attention.

Use an alternate title and description for the old article, try to be more creative in framing them.

This will also help you with A/B testing of your titles and will give you an idea about which type of titles works great and which type fails and you can plan your next article title accordingly.


2. Use Your Content’s Image Or Different One

Try to use different images for your posts instead of putting links.

Images help your audience to visualize your content even before they read your first sentence.

Use a different titles, descriptions, and hashtags so that it looks clean.

Use your article’s link right after your description and use a different photo every time you post the same article.

But make sure that the images are relevant to your content that you are using.


3. Use Quotes For Your Article

Another way is to use a quote in the description box with your image.

It’s a great technique which can generate an interest among your readers and put up a new life to your old content.


4. Post It In Different Time Zones

Now, as I said earlier not every follower is from the same time zone.

So, how can you reach them all?

Should you post the same old content four times a day just to reach every follower you have on your fan page?

No, don’t make that mistake.

Plan a content to post in a different time zone, but at least give a gap of a week.

This way your follower who already saw your post doesn’t have to see it again and again on their timeline.

Schedule it to post the content only once in a week under one time zone. Next week, post it on a different time zone.

Go to the analytics and figure out from which country and time zone your followers are from and plan it accordingly.


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Wrap Up

There are plenty of other ways, to reshare your old contents, but these points are some the basic and effective once.

Check out, which post doesn’t get any views anymore and try to share that post on your Facebook.

Use different strategies and play with it.

By re-sharing your old piece of content, you are increasing the chances of bringing more and fresh eyeballs to your blog every time.

This will help you in increasing your blog’s traffic.

So, if you were stuck and worried about whether or not, you should re-share your old contents on Facebook, hopefully, this article cleared it all, if not some of it for sure. 







Tell me what do you think of sharing old contents on your facebook fanpage?



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