How To Start A Youtube Channel – 13 Tips For Beginners

How To Start A Youtube Channel - 13 Tips For Beginners

What are the basic things you should know...before starting a Youtube channel...

Today, I am going to give you 13 tips...if you are starting with a youtube channel.

1. Choose A Name You Won't Regret In Future -

If you are a teenager and you kept your channel name "TEENAGER ROCKS"...that may sound good at that time...but think what will happen once you crossed 20 or choose a name which you can use it forever...

If you can't come up with an idea...use your own name...or. if you can't then go with something which is meaningful for your selected topic.


2. Choose A Niche Topic -

Now, I have an entire video of it...go and check out how you can choose a niche topic for your channel.


3. Make videos on a topic which you are good at and you can make the video even after 5 years on that same topic...


4. Pay more attention to framing a perfect title for your Videos -

Make sure you are framing a title...title has to be catchy and should make people want to click on...but don't just go and use a clickbait title...

A title should explain your content and it has to be relevant to your topic...


5. Plan your Videos -

Plan your videos way before you shoot...if possible, plan in bulks...have 2-3 topics ready for the shoot and their scripts and then shoot everything in a single day...plan and film it in one day.


6. Research for your Contents -

Constantly, update youtube videos, blogs, podcast, books and get some ideas for your videos.


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7. Treat Youtube As A Job -

No matter if you are doing youtube...full time or just as a hobby...If you want to get some serious views and subscribers...treat youtube like a job.


8. Forget about being Perfect -

If you want to grow your channel, forget about perfection. All you need to do is just get started.


9. Use limited Social Media platforms for promotion -

Being on every platform...Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest is good, but being on every platform at will just divide your time and energy.

While doing will lose quality and end up with low or no results.

Instead, focus on those platforms where you are getting some results and focus over there...after it grows up to a certain level...switch your platform.


10. Don't expect a huge result instantly on Youtube -

This is Youtube...the 2nd largest search's gonna be a slow game...period...

Just like will take some time to grow but you need to have some patience and create good quality contents.

Don't just quit youtube, just because you didn't get a huge number of subscribers or patient.


11. Use your Youtube Analytics and evaluate your channel on what worked for you and what don't.


12. Be consistent -

Choose a day and a time to post your youtube videos and be consistent. Let your viewers know that you will be present on a certain day and at a certain time so that they can be there to watch your new video.


13. Know that Haters will hate you -

No matter what...there will be people who will hate your videos and will also post some mean comments...don't let that thing demotivate you... Expect that...there will be some negative comments and some dislikes too...and when that won't feel so down.

So, Those were my 13 tips for those who are just getting started with Youtube.