[How To] Avoid Rookie Mistake While Doing Social Media Marketing

How To Avoid Rookie Mistake While On Social Media

How To Avoid Rookie Mistake While On Social Media


Everyone is on social media, isn’t it?

“Well, if I promote my business over there I could reach millions of people and I will be making lots of money.”

Did this thought come into your mind when you think of promoting your business on social media? All you have to do is just post your content over there and relax?

Well, sorry to disappoint you fellows, but it's not going to happen just like that.

People always wonder that, just because everyone is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, they could easily reach out to them and sell their products to them.

There are plenty of mistakes a newbie business owner makes when he/she first start on social media.

They usually don’t know the fact, that social media is just a medium where you need to connect with people and build trust.

Social media is all about developing a relationship with your audience.

It’s is not the place where you can throw anything you had developed and expect a sale in return. In fact, tThis thought is a sure sort formula to ruin your own reputation.

Today in this article we will talk about what rookie mistakes you are making on social media and how you can correct it.


Mistake 1: Having No Social Media Strategy

Bloggers without having a clear strategy can end up with delivering an ineffective message to their audience.

To execute one successful social media marketing strategy, plan it way before you even create a social media profile.

Have a very distinct voice in your social media platform and also create a good and effective social media calendar.

Experiment and check your page analytics regularly and figure out how and which type of post works best for your page and plan your strategy accordingly.

Just posting blindly whenever you create a blog post is not going to help you in any way.

Just set up a clear social media strategy first and then build your brand.


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Mistake 2: Setting Up Accounts in Too Many Social Media Platforms Too Soon

Business owners try to sign up on all the social media platforms at once just because they want to protect their brand name.

Now that is not a bad thing. You should get your own customized fan page, but while doing that most brands fail to update and be active on their social media page.

Now, why that happens??

Because they don't have enough content to publish it on their page and they also figure out later that some social media platforms aren't for their business.

Remember guys, not every business needs to be on every single social media platform available out there. Not at first at least.

Creating accounts on every social media at once will only create confusion and unnecessary distraction.

You just started your business and blog, which means you don’t have much content to give, engage or hold your audiences on your page.

Find out where your targeted audiences are and figure out which platform works best and gives value to your business.

Focus on that particular platforms and increase your reach rather than just branching out everywhere all at once.


Mistake 3: Talking Too Much About Yourself

This is another biggest mistake many business owners do.

Social media is all about building a relationship with your audience.

Before you hit that publish button, think for a second, if that post really gives your audience any value?

Remember, the only way you can grow your audience is by giving value to them and interacting with them as a human, not as a company.

Spamming your follower with just your product information or with a sales pitch won’t give you any positive results.


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Mistake 4: Not Monitoring The Fanpage Insight

Do you know, you can track your growth of your fan page?

Of course, you did, but do you even check it?

Many people neglect this point. Insights are for your growth, use it.

It can show you who your audiences are, at what time your audiences are online, where they are from, which post is running good etc.

These data will help you to understand your audience and will give you an idea what to post and what not to.

This is the best way to adjust your social media fan page activities accordingly and get a better ROI.


Mistake 5: Misusing Hashtags

Hashtags are more powerful than you thing.

But that doesn’t mean, you just go crazy on them and stuff all of those irrelevant and excessive hashtags in your post.

There is no doubt that hashtags can give your post a better chance of reaching a wider range of audience, but make sure the hashtags are relevant to what you are delivering on your post.

Use little and use quality hashtags. Use trending tags section and plan your post for better conversation.


Mistake 6: No Proofreading

This is another mistake which restricts your post from getting shared or liked.

It’s common we all do typing mistakes, even the biggest brands sometimes post with a spelling or grammatical mistakes.

Every time you share a post or tweet, make sure that whatever you had written is spelling error free.

This not only improves the quality of your post or tweets, but this also makes your audience get engaged with you.

Use plugins like Grammarly to help you with correct the wrong spellings and grammatical mistakes.


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Mistake 7: Not Having A Call To Action

Of course, every business needs something in return from their audience.

You can use a call to action strategy and ask your followers to sign up to your newsletters or to download an ebook which you had created for them.

Now you must be thinking, I told you earlier to not to talk much about you or your products. Right?

Well, the thing is, this is neither about you or your product.

This is completely different. This is something where you show a nice gesture and letting your audience know how thankful you are that they are a part of your community. 

Giving your audience something valuable will just give your brand more value and without a proper call to action, you will be missing that opportunity.


Wrap Up

You may or may not consider these mistakes as a fatal once, but these small mistakes can or will cost you a big time.

Correcting these small mistakes can help you in building your brand and/or of your blog.

While these are just 7 mistakes, there are plenty more you should check and correct it before it’s too late.

Let your brand shine with a touch of a perfection and humanizing your fan page gives your audience a feeling that you love them and appreciate them for following you.






What rookie mistakes you are doing on Social Media?


Let me know in the comment section


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