5 Ways To Humanize Your Social Media Marketing

5 Ways To Humanize Your Social Media Marketing


5 Ways To Humanize Your Social Media Marketing


Humanize your company's Social Media account, because that's what Social Media is for.

Mastering the art of humanizing your company's social media account is the most important task you should do.

I have seen many brands and companies ignoring this fact that social media is all about building a relationship with customers.

Not every brand could manage it though. People love when a person interacts with them. This makes them feel, the brand really

There are lots of social media pages I see these days who aren't managing it like well.

People love when a person interacts with a human more than they interact with a bot. This makes them feel that the brand which they care for, also cares for them.

You need to make people understand that, you are not on Social Media because you want to collect money but you are there to build a connection with your loyal customers or your audiences.

Show them how much they can really rely on you which will automatically build a trust factor with your customers towards you.will also turn them a loyal and returning customer. 

And that, my friends, will turn them into a loyal and returning customer. 


So, let’s find out how you can build that relationship with social media


1. Post On Social Media Like A Person

Company’s social media accounts are all about selling and pushing their audiences to buy their products.

Will that work, ever?

Of course not. People would never buy a product which they don't believe in or know for sure that its worth it.

Give it a touch of a human being.

Unlike those old days where you have to stick with a big sales speech provided by your boss, things have changed now.

Now a day you if you aren't interacting with your customers with a friendly and humanly voice no one will come to you and purchase anything from you.

So, be human and interact with them.

This will help your customers to open up with you and start making conversation with you. 


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2. Put Some Humor In Your Post

Implementing Humor is much easier and effective way to connect with your audience on your social media account.

But, don’t just go on putting any humor post you find it online. Rather use a fun factor which is relevant to the product which you are selling along with some additional information.

And be careful, make sure you don’t hurt anyone's feeling with your humor.


3. Use Simple Language And Be Generous

If people don’t understand what you want to tell, there is no point in talking with them.

Be generous and talk to them as if you are talking to your friend.

For example, if you want to tell someone “We appreciate you contacting us regarding this query, we will get back to you”, tell “Gotcha, will definitely get back to you with an awesome solution”.

Which one will make you feel connected?


4. Engage In Conversations With Your Audience

People feel cared when a brand replies to them.

If your customers reach out to you by commenting on your post, do return the favor.

Like and reply back to their comments.

Let them know, you genuinely care for them and they are important for you.


5. Admit When You Made A Mistake

Everyone make mistakes. That’s makes us human.

So what if a company made a mistake. Does that mean he got a clean cheat?


If you or your company made a mistake, come up front to admit it and try to rectify the mistake.

The more you are clear to them, the more loyal your clients will become.

Stop arguing about or justifying your customers, that how is it their fault and not yours and all.

Show some respect while talking to your customers.

Even if they made any mistakes, take some time to contact them in their inbox rather than telling them out in a public, that it’s them who made a mistake. 


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Wrap Up

Social media marketing is all about connecting with your customer as a human. Brands who understood this got lots of loyal and effective customers than brands who just use social media as a platform to sell their products. 






How do you engage with your audience on SOCIAL MEDIA?

Let me know in the comment section


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