5 Myths About Social Media Marketing You Think Are True!

5 Myths About Social Media Marketing You Think Are True!

5 Myths About Social Media Marketing You Think Are True!


"Social Media, I can promote my stuff over there and will get millions of views every day."

How many of you have this thought?

Well, it might be true, but maybe only a part of it.

I completely agree that there is no better place other than social media where you can display your products or services to millions of people around the globe...and boom, your products just get sold.

But, do you know that there are some things which you knew about social media is wrong.

Today's topic is all about this -

To burst the myths about Social Media Marketing you thought were true.

As much as it hurts, that's true.

Not everything which you heard about social media is true.

Ask any blogger or a social media marketer out there and they will tell you the exact same thing.

Ask them, what they thought about promoting their stuff on social media before they jumped into it and what they think right now after they jumped into social media.

So let's find out what are those pesky little illusions which everyone has built up over time.


1. The More Followers You Have, The More Views You Will Get

Have you ever seen a page that has these millions of followers on their page, yet when you check their post's engagement numbers they are pretty much thin, like say...1% of the total followers or sometimes even less than that?

A page who have huge fan follows doesn't really always have a targeted audience which you need to sell your products or services.

I have seen many fan pages who buy followers, which is a total waste of money and time. 

They automate the entire process and with a single click, they hit 10,000 likes in minutes.

But, you can't expect these guys to buy your products or service, RIGHT??

I mean, how could you?

You can buy fake followers but you can't create genuine interest and real engagement out of them.

So, be genuine and work to get your followers.

Maybe it will take time, but it's worth it.

At least you will have a chance to score more than what you will get with these fake people.


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2. Social Media Is Completely Free

Now that buying follower is not an option, then probably we should get with along the free option.

Well, you can do that too, but I got another option for you.

Paid Advertisement!!!

"Paid...again? But didn't you just told us not to pay to get the audience?"

This is what you are thinking right now... Right?

Well, look again...I said paid advertisement, not paid audience.

Paid advertising is totally different than a paid audience.

You are paying to save time and energy, which you could spend it on designing appealing photos, researching some trending hashtags, adding captions, posting on different social media platforms.

This might be optional, but this might be the only alternate option for startups or small businesses that are desperately in need to compete with their competitors.

So, yes Social Media is not free.


3. Negative Comments Will Ruin Your Impression, Delete It

This will be the worst thing you will ever do. PERIOD...

If someone isn't happy with your service or your product and he/she is writing to you, then don't just go and shut them down by deleting or ignoring their message. 

Instead, acknowledge the problem and try to solve it.

I get it, you can't possibly deal with every negative comment thrown on your fan page, probably most of them are nothing but spams.

But at least what you can do is try to help those people who genuinely bought your product or service and facing problems with it by resolving it.

I know there might be some competitors who intentionally try to spread a bad mouth about you, but tell me one thing, if you are good at your work and people knows about that, will it still matter?


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4. Sharing Competitor's Content Is Bad For My Business

Ok...now this point will probably make you think...

"Despite the fact that, it is bad for business, they are also my competitor. So, why should I even think about promoting their stuff on my fan page?"

Well, let me give you some facts, which will prove that by sharing your competitor's content will actually do good than ruining your business.

First of all, it will show your followers that rather than pushing them to buy only your products which, according to you is the best in the market, you are actually delivering some of the good information which your followers can use and get the help they need, even if it doesn't come from you.

Secondly, probably your competitor will find out soon enough and start promoting your stuff on their platform.

So... it's a WIN-WIN situation.

Don't you agree?


5. You Need To Be On Social Media Every Single Day

Got some great stuff to share about?

Awesome…post it on Social Media

But what if you don't have that much of content to share on your fan page?

I have seen people who don't have many contents to post on social media, starts posting the same content again and again.

For a platform like Twitter, whose tweets usually have a lifespan of about 18 minutes makes sense, but platforms like facebook, google+ and Pinterest, it will be seen as spam.

Do you want that?

Well, technically you can post the older content which I had talked about in my previous post, but it should be in 9:1 ratio, where 9 posts should be good and fresh followed by 1 old post which still holds value till this date.

Try to focus on creating good contents and start engaging with your followers.

That will be the best thing you can do, plus you can post once on alternate days and still you can get a great result from it.


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Wrap Up

There are lots of myths out there about social media.

Just because you read it on some blog post from a good credible source doesn't mean that it will also work for you.

I am not saying it won't work just because he/she wrote it, but I am saying it might have worked for them but it's not a 100% guarantee that it will also work for you.

So, always do your own research and test it on your fan page.

This is the sure shot formula for getting a success on social media.

So go for it and score high.



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